Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review: Demon Knights #9

Having finally gotten sat down to write something, I felt I'd write about the only comic I was actually able to pick up on time this week. This, to be honest, is more a highlight than a chore because Demon Knights is finally starting to show off the potential I always thought it had.
The issue opens with the arrival of the Knights (although describing them as this might be a bit of a disservice to the term "Knights") at the city of Alba Sarum after their stand in the previous arc and after a brief (re)introduction to the main cast it's on to their next adventure: one which connects to about half the cast and and ends in this issue setting up the Demon Etrigan as a possible danger this time round.
I've been reading most of what Paul Cornell has been writing since Captain Britain and MI13 and I have to admit, this is the most realistic option that can be called a spiritual successor to that series. Cornell essentially builds a jumping on point for new readers, briefly focusing on each character and who they are as well as giving them each a moment to provide their current thoughts and learn interesting things throughout the story (of which the best has to be the scene of Etrigan giving his word). If there is one downside to this issue, it's the standard first issue problem of most arcs; too much exposition and not enough action.
As for the art though, it is near faultless. I saw Diogenes Neves' work on the previous Green Arrow series and felt it wasn't right. But as soon as I saw his name on this series I knew it would be something special and I'm glad to have been proven right. His style is a perfect fit for this series and is only enhanced by the coloring of Robson Rocha. As long they keep providing this quality art, I'll certainly be sticking around.
All in all, while not perfect, Demon Knights is moving in the right direction to being a fun and deeply interesting title, something I've certainly come to expect of it's writer.

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