Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Comic Book Reviews: 06/02/2013 - Snapshot #1

Finally! After putting off reading this for other (domestic) activities, I've eventually been able to read Snapshot #1, the long-awaited mini-series (well, by me anyway) by The creators of the Losers, Andy Diggle and Jock.
The first issue introduced Jake Dobson, a shop assistant in a comic book shop (how apt) who, upon finding a Mobile phone, has his life turned upside down when he finds pictures of a murder on said phone, and the hitman apparently wanting it back.
After reading this, the only word that sprung to mind was 'WOW'. This story was so tense and exciting from start to finish that I couldn't have stopped myself reading it even if I'd wanted to. With a devilishly compelling plot and terrifically interesting characters (the opening sequence of banter in the comic book shop was so much fun, it reminded me of every time I've ever picked up my comic stash) this book was cover to cover awesome
And this was only made more so by the art. I've gotta admit, I've not seen much of the legend that is Jock's work, but after reading this I'm gonna! The work was so visceral and full of energy I had trouble believing the panels didn't literally jump from the page.
In the last six months I've read a lot of good books; from Punk Rock Jesus to Point of Impact, Think Tank to Where is Jake Ellis?, but this one takes the biscuit. I'll deffo be back for issue two, hell, I'll fight anyone to make sure I get an issue.

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