Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thinking New Man of Steel trailer is awesome!!

Ok, so today a new Man of Steel trailer was released onto the world (or rather the World Wide Web) and I gotta admit, this one is definitely the best yet.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure

So, this trailer starts with a lovely, sombre melody to set the story and some awesome battle shots detailing the end of Krypton and focusing on Jor-el and Lara saying goodbye to their son. From then on, it looks to essentially be an abridged version of the fiilm we'll all see in a few months, with the Man of Steel living his life as a child, then a wanderer and finally becoming Superman, during which the background score becomes more majestic and epic.
Now, some cool parts of this trailer that I liked.
  • First up, there is the Father/Son moment at around the 1.00 mark, where Clark as to "just be (Jonathan's) son again" which was such a cool moment as it gives a hint of the influence Jonathan Kent will have on Clark during this film.
  • Then at 1.23 is a shot of a woman (we'll assume to be Lois Lane) searching a frozen ruin (The Fortress of Solitude maybe) and a voiceover by her discussing the search for a mysterious saviour, intercut with Clark's early savings.
  • This is followed by a shot at 1.35 which i have to ask; Is that the Fortress of Solitude?? Well, wherever it is Superman stepping through the door looked awesome.
  • 2.09 is a shot that was lifted out of Superman Earth 1, which was the exact same thing. In fact, from what I know of this film's plot, that book is one of the big draws of inspiration.
  • From 2.12 onwards is all action which looks fantastic. Scenes of Superman being shot at along a road in Smallville (I'm guessing) and subsequently flying off, a shot of Zod (or one of his minions) taking a missile strike like it was nothing and then the little joke about what the "S" stands for just to give the impression of a little humour.
  • Finally, there's the big finale at 2.47 with a bad ass fight scene in the air. If anyone thought that this would be anything close to Superman Returns low budget action sequences then that scene will make you think different.
At the end of the day, this is end to end awesome trailer, maybe even beating Iron Man 3's recent ones hands down. I assume that as Christopher Nolan is involved, that'll be the last one because it will most likely get people drooling for more. Well, it's worked on me and I'm totally pumped to see it. Just a shame I gotta wait another few months.

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