Friday, 3 May 2013

....Gets ready for the Bristol Expo!!!

Hurrah!!! So, after a week or so of umming and arring, last night i finally (after much nudging and convincing) got around to buying my tickets for this years Bristol Comic Expo. However, with arranging my attendance out of the way, now comes the hard work; getting ready to actually attend!! In fairness, this shouldn't be as hard as I make it out to sound, seeing as accomadation and food are pretty easy to arrange (in-laws providing both makes it easier). However, the trouble with getting ready to attend one of these things is, for me, what exactly do I take with me on the day(s)?

Now, the big issue regarding what to take is what comimc books do I want signed and in truth, this isn't too big an issue. Having gone through the list of guest on the Expo's books, I (unfortunately) don't have work for a great number of them (although I am angry at myself for getting rid of my Gears of War comics, which were pencilled by attendee Henry Flint), but I do have some and while most of what I do have is easy to select (although, should I take my Batman: The Killing Joke hardcover to be signed John Higgins?), I have one creator of which I just cannot decide upon; Paul Cornell!

Now, I met Mr Cornell back at Kapow 2011 and got a couple of Capt Britain issues signed, but since then he's had a few more books come out and so the options I've given myself are;
Captain Britain and MI:13 #1 - which I now have (after much searching) the 1st print original cover, as well as two of it's variants.
Demon Knights #1 - which has been an awesome series and just feel to get it signed gives it greater respect.
Stormwatch #1 - I didn't enjoy the book in honesty, but I have it and as it's not part of a ongoing series I don't feel as much of worry if it gets signed.
Action Comics #890 - Now this book I bought after Cornell himself suggested I did so it feels like taking this one is the way to go to validate that he made a good suggestion.
Action Comics #900 - It's a milestone issue, I'd be crazy not to get it signed. Right?

Luckily, I've still got a week to decide, but that's not long enough for a man who is incredibly indecisive to make this kind of decision. In truth it makes me kinda wish he was a bad writer, because I might not have as many options. Oh well, at the end of the day I could take them all and make a snap decision when the time comes. But first things first, I should makes sure the tickets arrive in my inbox before worrying about what I do when I get there.

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