Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Home, New Layout, Same old comics (for now)

Wow. It's been two months?? Doesn't Time fly when you're moving house!!!

It doesn't quite feel so long since I last wrote anything although, thinking about it it feels just that long since I read anything comic book related. Sadly, my comic book addiction has had to take a back seat while me and my beautiful lady moved to somewhere a bit bigger (which could store my already substantial collection of comics). Thankfully, now the new pad is (more or less) set up and computers are up and ready to use, I can get back to writing the crap I enjoy writing about on here.

Of course, not talking about comics hasn't exactly kept me totally away, during those five/ten minute breaks between working, packing and moving I have come back and totally overhauled the look of this blog, which I thought looked a little too dull. Now it isn't finished and, being a perfectionist I'll probably do a George Lucas and overhaul it again later, but all being well it's an improvement.

So, in two months, what have I missed? Well, quite a bit it seems. Not only have I got a big backlog of books to catch up on (and damn is it big), I missed out on talking about the casting of Batman for the Superman sequel, DC forcing more creative teams out, DC causing controversy (seems DC were very busy) and the goods I picked up at the Melksham Comic Con at the tail end of August (Yep, I did make time for that).

So, a fair bit to miss I guess. Well, hopefully I can come back from the dead a little now and get back to giving my two cents, as well as quell my comic book withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully Marvel and (more likely DC) will have more interesting stuff to happen as well as (more likely NOT DC) more good books to come out soon.

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