Saturday, 30 November 2013

Crumbles!! Cracking the prophecy of Earth 2.

Crumbles...the queen! It crumbles. green!
Crumbles, the queen. Speed broken! The child, the resurrected hope. Angel in the slaughter. They come from the fires! The alien. Crumbles green. It crumbles.

Prophetic words indeed!! This is what was said by Dr Fate during the events of Earth 2 issue 17 (which was pretty awesome by the way) after he'd had his ass handed to him by Brutal.

Now, since it came out, I've seen a few things on the net about what it means and I too have really wondered if it could spell out what to expect from Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott's run or if is just random words spoken by a crazy person. Of course, as it's Dr Fate, I suspect it's the former, so I figured I'd have a look.

(Warning, spoilers are present below.)

"Crumbles...the queen! It crumbles. Green!" - So, who is the queen? I think, given the shock reveal at the end of issue 16, it isn't a stretch to assume the Wonder Woman may return (though it also may refer to Fury, WW's daughter). As for green, that's obviously Green Lantern.

Speed broken! - gotta be the Flash. Is badly injured or even killed maybe?

The child, the resurrected hope. - now, I suspect this means Lois Lane/Red Tornado as A. She's the Generals child, B. She's back from the dead and C. Sam Lane refers to her as the 'only hope'.

"Angel in the slaughter." - might be a bit of a stretch, but it think this is Hawkgirl.

"They come from the fires!" - an invading army from the fire pits, as implied when captain Steel returned from them looking in bad shape.

The alien. - this is either Superman, or the maybe even Darkseid (if he comes out of the fires).

It crumbles - crumbles is the most used word but the term is more often 'it crumbles', suggesting a thing. I think this is the earth dying, or crumbling apart in this case.

So, I think this 'prophecy' means that once the queen arrives, the flash will die, red tornado will rise up and join the fight with Hawkgirl and, as more monsters arrive from the fire pits, Superman will kill the Green Lantern which, as the avatar of life in this world, will cause the Earth to die.

This is probably totally wrong but, if I am, I'll be interested to see how far off I will be.

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