Sunday, 7 February 2016

True Believers 2016, what a fantastic con!!!

This might not be a long post as I'm writing it while waiting for my car to be repaired, but I want to get it written before the memories of yesterday leave my head.
So, I've already written a show report on Pipedream comics which is up/will be up soon but here's a more personal take.
Yesterday was fantastic and I'm not over selling it here! From the moment I got there to the moment I left, the entire day was a blast.
The reason it was so good for me can be drummed up in one word;  conversation.
I got to talk to so many people yesterday. From old friends to new creators and beyond, I talked so much that I've lost my voice a little. But, damn do I not regret it!
I started with a circle round all the tables, with my plan being a second circuit to buy that didn't work too well. No sooner had I walked in the door the talking started with Big Punch Studios right there. This followed with Sam Webster, meeting Andy Bloor and more. However, not only was there lots of talking but I found so many sellers which saw me back issue diving for old Daredevil and FF issues.
And these two things were what took up my five hours there, to the point that I missed the panels I'd been planning to go to.
If I had to say one problem with True Believers it was that there was so much to see, not that that's a bad thing because of the quality of what I saw, like the awesomely knowledgeable comic sellers (Sid at Comic Connections is my hero)  and getting some good insights from, as well as giving praising to, the creators also.
And then there was the true highlights of my day. First there was meeting my absolutely favourite writer Paul Cornell, who was such an awesome and genuine guy and was so generous that it nearly floored me.
This was followed by seeing Emma Vieceli, where I gushed praise over hers and Malin Ryden's web comic Breaks, before seeing Emily Owens and Joe Glass, where I got to enjoy some in depth discussions on a variety of comic thoughts.
Those are the moments which really stuck out for me but, in truth, every person I spoke with was a joy and I could only wish I had gotten another hour, two, hell ten to have spoken with them all longer.
So, I said before that that might have been my last con for quite a while and, if it is, I'm glasd it was this one and all I can do is gush and thank everyone I encountered and everyone who arranged it for a truly fantastic con!!
And I really, REALLY hope I can go again next year.

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