Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Saying goodbye to (some of) my comics.

So, there it is! I've just gotten back from the post office where I posted three parcels containing a selection of graphic novels I didn't really want anymore.

However, now that I'm sitting down and pondering on it, I have to confess, I do regret my decision a little bit.

Not that it was something done on a whim. I took a photo of 15 graphic novels which I either hadn't read in years or didn't enjoy and placed it on a Facebook group to sell such things. Of those 15, eight gained interest which developed into sales. However, I gained money for each of them and it's taken four days to send them off, plenty of time for me to change my mind and say 'nope, I think I'm gonna keep this/these actually."

No, my regret comes in regards to some of the good memories those books did bring me. An example of which is Volume 1 of the Heroes webcomic collection. While it was a quaint enough book and I enjoyed it while I read it, the real joy of it was the fantastic cover it had, which was very portrait, epic movie poster kind of look that I'm never going to look at again (not that I have recently).

Green Lantern: Wanted Hal Jordan gives me a similar memory, although with the interiors. This book was the volume which displayed Batman as a Yellow Lantern and, despite the rest of the story not really holding me, this was a real sight to behold.

So maybe I shouldn't have sold them. But, in the end, these were Graphic Novels I'd never read in the recent past and had never intended to. These were books which were just gathering dust and what's the point of keeping them if they aren't read?

No, selling them on was still the best decision as it gives someone else the chance to enjoy them.

Besides, I still have the memories of those reads and they aren't for sale (yet).

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