Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April 2017's Pull List

So April is over. I have to admit that it's felt like a very short month, although that was probably helped by my last post being a few days late.

It's probably also been helped by the fact that I've been snowed under at work and in life, making me grateful that my pull list has been so short (although I'd never have a problem if it were bigger).

Titans #11 was the first comic for this month, which saw an end to the series second arc, Made in Manhattan, with the Titans facing off against the Fearsome Five to save a captured Nightwing and Flash. Now, I keep going back and forth on Titans as a series, with some issues feeling a bit bland while others come across to me as really compelling reads. However, issue 10 felt a bit more of the former because, while did enjoy the action sequences, particularly for Omen and Bumblebee, the story didn't seem to be particularly memorable save for the surprise revelation in the aftermath. Now this I was not expecting and leaves me in two minds about how I feel about; on the plus side it feels like a good reason to bring the Duncan's into the team full time, but on the downside, it feels like an unneeded plot twist. I'm still enjoying Brett Booth's art meanwhile as, though it's not perfect, it looks like the style best suited to displaying these characters. To be honest, I'm convinced that it's getting to read these classic characters which keeps me coming back while, all in all, it's still a fun book. And with the Lazaras contract now around the corner, I am looking forward to the future of this book, good or bad.

Next was Copperhead #12, which saw Clara deal with the fallout coming from the mayor's death while continuing to hunt his killer as her past slowly catches up with her. Unfortunately, this series, which had so much promise back when it started and had me hooked from the moment when I reviewed the first issue, just seems to have run out of steam after returning from its hiatus. The story now feels a little convoluted, not helped by the inclusion of the Ford character, and the pace just feels like it's ground to a halt. Also, both Clara and Boo no longer read as they did previously and while this might have to do with their changed dynamic I don't think so and it kinda hurt this issue. A final nail of he coffin though is Drew Moss' art which doesn't sit right with me, with places looking a bit rushed. Of course, this is all my opinion but I didn't enjoy this issue and neither the story nor the cliffhanger ending gripped me. What makes it even worse is hat I lost 8 pages to a preview for another book, meaning I bought a $3.99 book and got $2.99 worth of pages, not something I can stand. I'm not sure I care about this series at this point anymore and so will give it until the end of the arc (as I've budgeted for that) to turn me around but, as of right now, I think Copperhead is heading off my pull list.

Third on the list was Black Science #30 which returns it's focus to Grant McKay who attempts to make a daring escape from his prison in the wake of the Zirite invasion. Now, I've got to admit that the previous issue didn't grip me like most Black Science issues do. However, this installment more than made up for any concerns I had last time around. Despite a slow start, the pace built up as McKay attempted to evade possession, right up until the shock twist at the end which I didn't see (but maybe should have seen) coming. I think the thing I like about Black Science is McKay himself because, while he's an absolute dick, I can't help but cheer for him as he goes from one mistake to another. Actually, the other thing I like is the art and here is no exception, especially when I read that Matteo Scalara had a broken arm when he drew this. I'm stunned that it's this good and it gives me a whole new level of respect for this guy. All in all, I love Black Science and up until this point has got to be my favourite book of the monthings, as well as the best on my pull list. As always, bring on the next issue.
And finally (because the Lazarus sourcebook got delayed for a week, i hope) was Daredevil #19, which saw the man without fear in an unfamiliar bar with some very familiar patterns as he attempted to escape the thrall of the Purple Man. Once again, this series went from strength to strength in this issue after i was originally unimpressed enough to drop it. This arc in particular is fantastic and Charles Soule is putting together quite a captivating story. I thought this issue felt a little like filler compared to others but much like issue 10 of the volume 4 (Waid/Samnee's second run), I really loved how it gave a look at the inner workings of Matt's mind. Meanwhile the art, this issue by Marc Laming, was beautiful and I love it's clean and more colourful look. I have to admit it was a little jarring to see a contrast to prior issues but it didn't put me off any and seeing all the different Daredevils was a real highlight. I can see how this story is going to end (and not because it's a flashback) but I'm loving this as a read. It's just a shame that Marvel have to go a make it a two issue a month book in the near future but, for now, this is definitely a highlight read each month.

And that's April comics done. I've got to admit that April had a nice varied array of quality; from the brilliant to the not so good. However, May is next up and along new installments of the better books on my pull list, I'm expecting good things from the Lazarus Contract.

Hopefully, it'll live up to my expectations.

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