Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Should I move to Digital Comics???

Over the weekend I got together with my family. This isn't exactly a rare occurance, but what is rare is getting pretty in depth look at my aunt's Ipad, which her granddaughter was playing games on. After a bit of time helping her with some game called water, I was finally able to steal it away and for the rest of my time there I was investigating what all the fuss had been about.
Now for me, there are very few reasons to even consider buying a tablet pc of any kind. However, the idea of digital comics has always intrigued me and so (with my aunt's permission of course) I download the comicology app and, from their store, two free comics, Green Hornet: Blood Ties #1 and Walking Dead #1.
After reading them both though in this format, I gotta admit that I'm so much more tempted to acquire myself and Ipad or something similiar. I loved that like a comic, you can take as long as you want but, also, you can zoom in to specific panel and follow it like a storyboard. There was even one panel (where Rick gets shot in Walking Dead) where the software followed the panel backwards, revealing Rick getting shot AND THEN Shane shouting his name. This, in my opinion, is a downside to hard copy comics. While you get the viewing choice with digital, a hard copy shows the whole page and can take away shock moments like that.
So, yeah, I'm tempted on going digital. It's cheaper, it's less hassle delivery wise and it can, essentially, be made in to a story that can shock you going from panel to panel instead of page to page. However, is reading comics really enough of a reason to buy an Ipad. It seems like lots of people have them, but yet i don't know what any of these people use them for. Also, in terms of comics, by going digital doesn't the collector miss out on the experience of buying? Though it's a rariety for me now, I used to love going to that shop, picking up my stuff and talking about the comic world: The industry, the characters, the creators, the whole nine yards. You can't do that online (except with Forums and I'm not much of a fan of them). Then there are the comics themselves. I have a fair few comics all in long boxes and I take pride in that. It's something that I could tangibly sell in years to come (though A. I dunno if I would and B. I doubt I'd make much) and it's something I can say believably that I own. It's like my dvd collection, my xbox game collection or my book collection. I have video's and music on itunes and my girlfriend has a kindle with books on, but I don't ever count any of them as actually things I own based on the fact that they are just pixels on a computer.
So, should I convert to digital? It's a tough call, the technogeek in me is shouting at me yes and in truth, if I think of another use, I may start picking up one or two that way. However, I think I will always be (well, for quite a long time anyway) a proper, going to the shop itself, hard copy comics man.

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