Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Walking Dead is how you convert someone to comics

My girlfriend is no fan of comics. She has no problem with my little addiction, but she has never had any interest in reading anything. I've tried to tempt her with everything: Batman, Spiderman, Video games, Movies, tv series, you name it. Sadly she's never wanted to know and, to be fair, after the initial attempt I've simply left it be. As long as she let me continue collecting (which she has) I've never tried to shove them down her throat.
So, with that, God bless the Walking Dead.
It started at Christmas, when I received AMC's television adaptation as a gift. I believed from the get-go that she would not want to see it because it's a zombie show and my lady, bless her, is not the biggest fan of the horror genre. So, with that in mind, I woke up early to watch an episode or two, deciding to split them out over a couple of days. Sadly, she woke up early too on that first day but allowed me to continue watching, saying she would simply read a book.
Before the end of that first episode, her eyes were looking over the book towards the tv screen and by the end of the second episode questions were being asked about who the characters were, what was going on and various other queries.
Now, you'd think that a tv show is easy enough to enjoy, it doesn't mean someone will convert to the comic medium. Well, after watching season 1 with her over the holidays, I packed the first three Trades of Walking dead into my bag and travelled to her's. Once there I dropped them on her coffee table and said one thing about them "This is what that show was based them. Only read them if you want". By the time I'd left for the weekend, she was almost finished with volume one. I'm more than confident that she'll have read all three within a week.
I don't know if she'll collect and enjoy them as heavily as me, but she is reading and enjoying one book and that's enough for me. I've often wondered how comics can attract more readers as it's an industry that doesn't have the same reach as other mediums, but this is an example that such a thing is possible. Maybe the superhero books are not the way to go, maybe these indie books with talented creators are what will save the industry.
For me though, I now have a new connection with my girlfriend, thanks to messrs Kirkman, Adland and Moore and it certainly proves that if you know someone who says comic books are not interesting, give them the Walking Dead and you may convert them.

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