Friday, 7 September 2012

Review: Think Tank #2 - Hook, Line, Sinker

Think Tank issue 2 kicks the story into high gear as it begins to focus on the main plot of the book after its introductory first issue.

Following on from issue 1, the book begins with a flashback of one of the many inventions the David Loren has invented over the years and the damage it causes. The story then bounces back to the present as David has returned to the lab (or rather has BEEN returned to the lab) to be given a dressing down, a smack in the face and the realization that all his stuff has been taken away. From this point on it's decided that enough is enough and that David wants out. Cue the planning, MacGyver style, as this heroic brainiac brings together all his inventions to implement an escape plan that he has, apparently, been planning for quite some time.

Two issues in, and what I know is this, this story is incredibly well written and is SO much fun. Matt Hawkins moves this story forward at a nice pace while occasionally stopping to fill in the necessary gaps in the back story. This allows for a terrific start to the new plot of the book as the story remained totally engrossing throughout. This is achieved primarily through the writing of the books protagonist, Dr David Loren. Hawkins has made this guy into quite the dick, but he's also a dick that can be related to. This makes him easy to invest in as he attempts to free himself from this high-tech prison.

As for the art, well that, like the writing, is fantastic. The panels are clear to follow and beautifully rendered, with incredible detail every where I looked. The art isn't perfect, but I feel that's more by design than poor skill as Rahsan Ekedal gives this book a really unique look which really suits its sci-fiesque genre fit.

After Issue 1, I thought this book had the chance to be great, but after issue 2 I don't think it; I know it!!!! Whatever happens from here on in, the imagination put towards the environment and the intrigue of the story will keep me hooked for a good long while.

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