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Who I want to see in the cast of Earth 2

Since being released in May, I've really been loving Justice Society relaunch Earth 2. Brought to us by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, this book has brought some of the classic DC characters from comics golden age and given them a revamp and modern day facelift. It is also a book which is separate from all other books amongst DC's new 52 and, as such, provides Robinson and Scott a certain freedom in what characters they use and how they use them.

The gang so far (Well, most of them anyway)

So far in this series we have seen revamped versions of the Flash(Jay Garrick), Green Lantern(Alan Scott), Hawkgirl(Kendra Saunders), mr Terrific(Michael Holt & Terry Sloane) and the Atom(Al Pratt). But as the series, and the stories, will continue to grow, what other classic characters should appear and be part of the team? I think the following should, one day, appear:

1.Sandman (Wesley Dodds) - I remember when the Justice Society episode of Smallville aired a few years back and I got to see a lot of the JSA characters in the flesh (so to speak). At one point, Wesley Dodds appears and, kitted out in his costume and Gas mask, awaits the end he has just dreamed. Seeing this made me realise just how much of a noir character Sandman is, in a similiar vein to the Shadow or the Green Hornet. Now, while I'm not sure if this Sandman is the same one from the Neil Gaiman epic (Yes I've never read Sandman, let the stoning commence), I think adding Wesley Doods to the ranks would give this current colourful cast of Wonders a darker tone. He could be the JSA equivalent of Batman (Justice League) or Rorschach (Watchman)

2.Wildcat (Ted Grant) - Now if this character doesn't show up in this series in the very near future, then you know that there is no justice in the world (no pun intended). The backstory is that Ted Grant is a boxer who dons a black cat-like costume to fight crime. He has no powers, just grit and determination (and sometimes a gruff attitude). While, he has already been hinted at in this series (A boxing poster seen in issue 2 or 3), to see him take his rightful place as a part of this teams big three would make me go nuts over it. Also, as a more "human" character he would be a great way for readers to jump into the series and relate to the world rising up around him.

3.Dr Fate (Kent Nelson) - In all honesty, this might be a bit of a given, seeing as Hawkgirl did mention Fate guiding her to the Flash in issue 3 and that Fate was a he. That said, Dr Fate is iconic and I think he really provides the aged wisdom and gravitas that would nicely balance by this rather young team. Also, given the worlds more mystical focus (Hermes and the green light of the planet), it seems like a perfect setting for the helmet of Nabu.

Hope they bring back the round table too

4.Red Tornado (Abigail Hunkel) - So, this one might be a little out of left field compared with other characters but this character is synonymous with Justice Society, as Abigail Hunkel has been, like, the Jarvis of the JSA for who knows how long. Also, it would be nice to have a little bit of diversity in a team which is predominatly an "all-boys club" (Yes, I'm throwing down the gender card. I hate doing it but sometimes it does have a point). In truth, the original Red Tornado looked a bit silly, but using the Red Tornado from Kingdom Come (which I think was Maxine Hunkel), it would maintain the youthful appearance of the book.

5.Power Girl (Karen Starr) - Now this one might be a bit difficult to implement but is definitely worth doing. In past incarnations of the team Power Girl has been the resident faux-Superman, and has often been chairperson. Now in the new 52 she, along with Huntress are stranded on Earth 1. But how difficult is it to return them to their rightful home? By bringing her back and inducting her into the JSA fold, it gives the team that powerhouse element as well as the Superman connection. One provision would be to change her costume to something similiar to what it used to be, not a fan of the current one.
Also, while not actually a hero or a member of the Justice society, I think this character deserves a special mention for inclusion. The Shade (Richard Swift) is a terrific classic comic book villain who (I believe) has tackled with several members of the JSA in the past. Now, I know the there was a recent maxi-series for him (Which Robinson wrote, I think?), but it didn't specifically connect him to the DCnU proper. This allows him to appear in Earth 2 with a minimum of effort. I mean, we have Solomon Grundy in this book so shouldn't we deserve a villain with a little more class (and how can a guy with a top hat not have class).

Now these are only my choices and there are still a couple of others who wouldn't go a miss (Dr. Mid-Nite, Liberty Belle etc). But to see these characters take their rightful place in this book would be unreal and (I think) make the story even more epic than it has already been.

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