Tuesday, 16 July 2013

thinks Daredevil #28 is further proof this series is the best.

It's been one of those weeks just gone. Nothing but sun and heat (I'm already wishing winter would return) has kind of eaten up both my time and energy. Both of these things have, sadly, taken me away from the majority of my comics. With only four books picked up this week (normal numbers have resumed after the ten book pickup last time), it should have been easy to get through them all, but instead I was only able to make time for one of them. How glad I am then that I went for the one series that is, by far, the best I pick up and how glad I am that Daredevil #28 didn't let me down (like I had any doubt) and further proves that this is the best series on the shelves.

Issue 28 kinda started off a whole new arc after the last issues conclusion to the whole Ikari/Mastermind arc that had been going since number 1. With Foggy Nelson is still recovering from the Cancer he'd been diagnosed with recently, the man without fear was shown to be juggling his everyday costumed heroics with running their firm single-handed and being moral support for the ill Foggy. However, all this juggling seems trivial when his newest client turns out to be the bully from his childhood who gave him the name "Daredevil", who claims has been set up because he was once part of supervillain group the Sons of the Serpent (the who???), thus starting off this new story with a metaphorical bang ( and a literal one at the end in fact).

In truth, the story is simple set up for the overall arc, but it isn't the story that's the draw here; it's the contributions of the creative team. I could talk great things about Mark Waid all day (I only don't because I get half hour lunches when I write this), but it feels like in this book he excels himself. Waid writes his characters so well, that I can't help but fall in love with them, even the former childhood nemesis of Matt Murdock who comes across as a character you want to hate, is also fleshed out in a way that I could only feel sympathy for him. Then, there's the script in general, which once again see Waid recap another part Daredevil's origin which not only contributes to the current story, but also helps keep the exposition in this issue interesting and further fleshes out the already meaty characters in such a seamless fashion.

And then there's the art. Wow the art!! The artwork throughout this run has been just terrific, with Chris Samnee more than stepping up to the plate. However, this wasn't Chris Samnee the time round, it was Javier Rodriguez who drew this issue, which stunning for how consistent I find his stuff in comparison to another artists work. This entire issue looks identical to every issue prior and, I think that's the best compliment you can give an artist. I think it takes real skill to capture another artists style perfectly, especially one which is so beautifully retro in the first place.

Now, I'll confess that this issue is a little quieter than many of the recent ones, but that isn't a negative as I think this 'quiet' issue is still vastly superior to the top issues of any top series on the shelves at present. It's a great starting point within a mesmerizing book for a story that I just can't wait to read. Thankfully, the next instalment will be out later in the month. Score!! If said it once and I'll say it again; Everybody should be reading this book!!!

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