Thursday, 4 July 2013

"DC/Warner made a mistake leading their Justice League with Man of Steel"

Wow. I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd written in here. To be fair, it was kind of what I wanted; to take some time away from writing and focus on important things (not that comic books aren't important) like my FiancĂ©, my home and life in general (as well State of Decay on the Xbox 360, which is bloody awesome and has resulted in me now needing to be treated for video game addiction). Of course, one of the things I have managed to do now I've better time-managed my life was go and see Man of Steel, which I struggled to see upon it's release. Thankfull I managed to get down to the big screen to view it (after arranging a day off work, just so I could) and, I gotta admit, it's good. True there are problems here and there (I counted that a lot of people knew Superman was Clark Kent throughout the film) but overall it was good.

However, since watching it I've pondered about the film, the story and what comes next and it was at that moment that something occured to me; if DC are gonna go Avengers and make a Justice League movie, then surely having Superman/Man of Steel come out first was a big mistake?!

Now, before I go on I'll bring in some context (because I like to, despite anyone who cares probably knowing this already). Way back when (like early 2000's) comic book starting becoming movies, but they were all seperate from each other. Spider-man wouldn't meet Wolverine, Superman wouldn't meet Batman and so on until, one day, Marvel became their own studio and got ambitious. After making Iron Man they said "here's an idea, lets take four big characters, give them each a film and then put them together for the Avengers". At that point they got some strange looks and replies like "it'll never happen", "it's too ambitious", and the general consensus that it would fail. But then, low and behold, it made a fortune.

So now, DC looked at this and said "we want some of that action". The only problem was that after Superman and Batman, their character's films tanked (hello Green Lantern) and, also, their current Batman franchise was very self-contained. Nonetheless, they decided to press ahead and brought out Man of Steel as it's first step towards a Justice League movie.

Now, this makes perfect sense for DC to let Supes first out of the block; he is a cultural icon and brand the world over (I heard Zack Snyder say in an interview the Superman symbol was second only to the christian cross in being recognized), which will get in the non-comic loving fans, and, also, he is the only DC character (besides Batman) who is popular enough to successfully carry his own film.

However, the problem with starting with Man of Steel is the character of Superman himself. I mean, It's Friggin Superman!!!! This is the strongest, fastest (well, almost), most god-like character within DC's stable and now he has been introduced to a world which will not be self-contained to him alone. In my opinion this can mean only one thing; Henry Cavill's going to get a lot of gigs cameoing as the big blue boy scout for many years to come. I mean, you just know that whatever big bad happens in the world, with the focus being on whatever character, Superman exists, so it can only be expected for him to show up to lend a hand/save the day. Green Lantern has to save the world from Parrallax (again)? Well, fear not as the Man of Tomorrow can lend a hand. Aquaman needs to protect the land-lovers from the pyschotic Black Manta? Doing worry, Big Blue has his back. Things like that. In fact, the only ones who could be safe from such influence is Batman and the Flash (simply because street crime might not be so high on Supes' list of priorities).

Of course, this is just conjecture at present. I mean, DC/Warner probably have a dozen of the best screenwriters in Hollywood writing the other tie-in films and giving valid reasons as to why Superman isn't available to stop the big bads (ten to one that it'll almost always be a "mission in deep space" ala Supergirl), but I'd put good money that any self-respecting fan who is following the build-up the same way they did the Avengers will watch these films as they come along and say "Hey, so why isn't Superman showing up to help in all this?"

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