Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thought Superman Unchained #1 was great

Superman Unchained: The
best Superman book in the
New 52
A little over a week ago I thought my love and collecting of a Superman title was coming to an end. The new 52 hadn't been able to wow me after Superman couldn't get me on board straight out of the gate and Action Comics, after twenty one issues of trying, finally rubbed me up the wrong way and I dropped it after realizing that it was a book I couldn't enjoy (see my what I thought of the last issue here). However, this week all that changed and success was snatched from oblivion as Scott Snyder and Jim Lee brought out Superman Unchained #1 which, compared to the sister titles, was pretty damn good.

The story opened with a flashback to Japan 1945, and the hint that it might not have been a bomb that the US dropped but something a little more 'Superhuman'. Then the issue returns to the present as the Man of Steel has another 'day in the life' moment as he tries to prevent several satellites from crashing into the ground and causing many deaths (which, once done, he instinctively believes Lex Luthor to be responsible). However, when an unknown hero stops the one satelite he didn't reach and leaves credit to him, he goes to investigate this final crashsite, only to face off against the forces of General Lane.

The Man of Steel has never looked
cooler (or wetter I guess)
However, it's not the story that makes this book better in my eyes than other Superman titles, but the writing. Unlike the others, Scott Snyder seems to have a better handle on what makes Clark Kent tick, both in and out of the blue and red tights, making him much more direct, wholesome and with a never give up attitude; as Superman should be written. Unfortunately, the writing isn't perfect and the cause of this is the worry that Snyder has been on Batman far too long, as the story does feel more like a Batman book as it progresses. However, that could just be down to the writer just finding his comfort zone within Superman's world and is a small niggle on an overall flawless book, made better by Jim Lee's ever impressive art. The only fear there is that Lee will be gone by the first arc as he was with Justice League. That said, in my eyes no one draws Superman better.

I'm grateful that this book came out when it did. I was beginning to lose faith in DC's ability to write Superman (or rather find creators who could write him) and while this isn't quite him for me, it's a pretty good start that I'm sure could surpass my views on the character as the series continues, and that praise should go to the writer. I always hear good things about Scott Snyder and think "I should read one of his books", well here I've been convinced to stick with it and do just that.

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