Sunday, 9 June 2013

struggled through Action Comics #21

It breaks my heart to admit it, but I've finally lost my patience with the Action Comics series. What is (at present) my only Superman title included within my pull list, Action Comics #21 is a vast improvement, in my eyes, than almost all of the series but at the same time it is also nowhere near as good as a lot of other titles, many of which I don't have the funds to collect at present.

Action Comics #21 by Tony Daniels
This issue essentially finishes off the Andy Diggle/Tony Daniels arc of the book, finishing the story which pits the Man of Steel against creature born from a man made virus and his own genome, which then goes on to infect many of Metropolis' citizens, merging them into the creature itself. However, this issue finishes the tale by bringing on a big match between Superman and the creator of this creature; Lex Luthor.

Now, in terms of the art I loved this book from start to finish as Tony Daniels stuff is still solid. Superman looks like how Superman should (even without the trunks) and even Lex Luthor looked bad-ass in his classic green and purple armour, now updated to look a little more deadly. The colours are vibrant, the panels are incredibly detailed, this, for the most part (a few of the last pages look a bit rushed, but then the guy is doing two jobs), is a beautiful book from start to finish.

Supes vs. Luthor
It's just a shame then that the story itself is, in my opinion, what really lets this book down. It's not so much that this story is impossible to follow as the story is simple enough (well mostly), the problem here is that the book is just impossible to get into and muster any real enjoyment. I couldn't get into this book at all as the pacing was off, exposition was in the wrong places and, I dunno, the book just felt dull. I have to admit that this issue was an improvement on the last, but in the end it's still a major drop in quality to Diggle's only contribution to the series, returning the series to Morrison's run which I (for the most part) dislike.

Like I've said, I'm sorry to say this but this book and I may have reached the point where we part ways. I'm in serious doubt as to whether to pick up the next issue, even though there is a new creative team, I am tired of believing anyone can write Superman the way (I certainly think) he should be. But, at the end of the day, I spent three quid on this book and I have a serious belief that if you buy something you sure better enjoy it. Goodbye Action Comics, it's been (not very) fun.

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