Friday, 7 June 2013

doesn't get why there's so many books per title for Villains month?

I just came across this on Newsarama ( and, after looking at it, I don't get why there are so many books for many of the titles for Villains month this September? I mean, four of the Batman books have 4 books each, Action and Superman have 4 each also, as does the Justice League and JLA books. The full count is as follows:
  • Justice League - 4
  • Justice League of America - 4
  • Green Arrow - 1
  • Aquaman - 2
  • Flash - 3
  • Earth 2 - 2
  • Wonder Woman - 2
  • Action Comics - 4
  • Superman - 4
  • Batman/Superman - 1
  • Batman - 4
  • Detective Comics - 4
  • Batman: The Dark Knight - 4
  • Batman and Robin - 4
  • Green Lantern - 4
  • Justice League Dark - 2
  • Swamp Thing - 1
  • Teen Titans - 2
Now, I get that DC are in the money making business, and many of the big names have large rogues galleries but isn't this a little bit overkill? I remember, back before the New 52, DC did a similiar thing where the villains took over the main titles for 1 issue. Why couldn't they do that again? Instead, I will have to pick up at least two Earth 2 titles, or three if the main series is included and (if I'm still picking it up) I'll have to get five Action Comics issues. Now think about all those who pick up the lion's share of their collection in DC titles, they could wind up paying four times what it usually costs them to keep up with their favourite books and in this financially troubling climate that's a bit of an ask.

I just hope that when the time comes for these books to be released, I find out that they aren't important to the overall story and I can forgo picking them up, even if it's just to make a point. That said though, in reality I just know I won't be as strong willed enough for that.

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