Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Are comic books becoming more like TV shows?

So, recently I read Think Tank #11 (my thoughts on that are here, towards the bottom) which at the end, as you'll know if you read it, contains four pages of additional content about the science behind the story. Now I really enjoy this part of each issue because A. it teaches me a thing or two and means I have some understanding of the technobabble in the story and B. It gives some insight into the thoughts of the creative team.

Now usually it is the former that gets my interest more (although, admittedly, not by much). However, on this occasion, it was the latter as Matt Hawkins notes told of the creative teams plans for this series.

According to these notes, due to people being put off the book because it is black and white, Hawkins and Ekedal were planning on changing the books format so to finish 'season 1' of Think Tank at issue 12, with the second season starting after a summer break, also returning in colour.

Now, it's not the colour change that made me take notice (although I like this series in black and white), but the change in format. This is now the second book in I know of to have unveiled plans like this. Previously, I read an interview with J. Michael Straczynski about Ten Grand (see here) and within this interview, he mentioned the plan to have twelve issue 'seasons' with a small three month break between them for the creative team to complete issues ahead of time.

Now, two series is co-incidence, it isn't a market wide change, but I find it interesting that comic books seem to be mimicking television series in this way. It's certainly ironic, given that there have been a growing number of comic book inspired tv shows being announced for the next couple of years very recently. Maybe this will be how indie comics release their books in future, a variant to Marvels 'volumes' that they seem to be pushing towards recently.

But if they are becoming more like TV shows, should we soon expect midseason finales/cliffhangers? Spinoffs or crossovers (although comics already do that)? Regardless, I look forward to see how Think Tank makes it work. Besides, in the grand scheme of things, as long as the book keeps coming out, what do I care how it comes out?

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