Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What I'm looking forward to in 2014!!!

2014 is here!!! This past year has been pretty roller coaster for me when it came to my comics, with great books like Daredevil still going strong and more image books finding their way onto my pull list, some of which didn't last long. However, while many new books got added, a fair few also ended, keeping my monthly comic list in a nice state of equilibrium.

However, the new year has arrived, and with a new year comes new comic books and there is a number of things amongst them that I'm definitely looking forward:

1. Revolutionary War - Remember Captain Britain and MI:13? Well I sure do!!! I loved that series and, having been about five years since it came out (and ended not long after), I miss the characters that made it a success. Therefore, this 'event' (for want of a better word) is the first thing I'm looking forward to in the new year (which is convenient as it comes out in January). With creators related to the old marvel UK franchise, I think it'll be something to see.

2. Robinson and Kirk on Fantastic Four - Marvel's first family is my biggest comic collection. I have issues going back ten years. Unfortunately, Matt Fraction's recent run was a flop in my eyes. However, with former Earth 2 writer James Robinson and Leonard Kirk, the artist for the previously mentioned Captain Britain series , making the panels, I've gotta say that I'm pretty much expecting a run that will than make up for the drivel currently being released.

3. The Fallout from Earth 2 - now, this is something that has really got me hooked. When Earth 2 came out, James Robinson and Nicola Scott gave us an fantastic series with an epic story and this has vastly improved in the last two issues when Tom Taylor replaced Robinson and brought in an evil Superman and new Batman. I'm now looking forward to where this series goes from here and, especially, if I was right with my theories about Fates prophecy.

4. Serenity: Leaves on the Wind - now this was a bit of a surprise for me and I only picked it up when I went back through the solicitations for the first three months of the year. However, the crew of the Serenity are back (yay!!!) with a new mini-series (and maybe series) which directly follows on from the film. What makes this even better is the fact that Jed Whedon (Joss's brother) is writing it, meaning that it should keep pretty close to continuity.

5. The continuation of Alex + Ada - Ok, here's how it is. Alex + Ada came out in November and has released two issues so far. Why am I so excited for it to continue? Because it is that bloody good!!! Alex + Ada is the best book I pick up (sorry Daredevil), either despite or because of it being very different to what I normally read. Regardless, I really can't wait to see what comes next there.

6. The Heavenly Chord part 2 - Since picking them up in May and August respectively, I've developed a big love for Indie books Afterlife Inc. and 7 String and keep looking forward to more of their stories. This should come about this year with the release of the heavenly chord part 2, which finishes of the crossover of these two books that started back in the summer. I enjoyed part one and really wanna know how the story finishes.

7. More indie books!!! - This year I've picked up more and more indie books/books that weren't the big two and (almost) every time I continue to be impressed. Think Tank, Snapshot, Point of Impact, Lazarus, Alex + Ada, all of these have been fantastic reads and, as a result, I'm totally looking forward to more books like this. The first three months (for me) will include Dead Body Road (which has admittedly started) and The Fuse as well as the Serenity mini, but I just hope there is more to come over the following nine months.

8. The end of Where is Jake Ellis?(maybe) - Now, this is more likely wishful thinking, but I'm looking forward to the final two issues of Where is jake Ellis?, although the question still remains if I'll get to see them this year. The last issue of this series came out last February and so it's been a bit of a wait (with no end in sight). However, if (by some miracle) the final two issues do come out this year, then I'll enjoy seeing what happens to the title character going forward.

9. More Aquaman trades - In 2013 I had the good fortune to pick up all three of the New 52 Aquaman trades....and they were GOOD!!! As a result, I'm really looking forward to volume 4, which will contain the final issues written by Geoff Johns. I'm also really hoping that volume 5 (the start of Jeff Parker's run) is released at the tail end of the year so I can keep up with the adventures of the king of Atlantis.

10. The Hawkeye trade - this was a bit of a late entry, but, during a recent discussion on the Immortal Iron Fist, I was recommended the current Hawkeye series as they shared a creative team. Now I was fortunate to pick up a free copy of issue one off Comixology during their whole 12 days of Christmas deal and I liked it, which certainly added to the incentive when picking up the trade. Now, I don't know if it is any good, but based on recommendations, I'm sure looking forward to finding out.

And so, that's pretty much everything that I'm looking forward to this year, although I have no doubt that more will follow as time goes on. I just have to hope that, while not all of these will meet my expectations, the large majority will certainly prove their worth to me. That said, only time will tell so, in the meantime, Happy New Year!!!


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