Friday, 3 January 2014

My last comics for 2013, part 2!!!

So, a small break after the first half of 2013's last comics (see here), I decided to get back to the pile and get through the second half, optimistic in the knowledge that the worst of my pull list had been read and they weren't (overall) that bad. Things could only keep getting better right?

Well, FF #15 was the first book up, with Ant-Man and the students and faculty of the Future Foundation taking the fight to the team-up of Doom, Annihilus and Kid Immortus with lots of remote controlled robots and a plan straight out of the Dirty Dozen. Unfortunately, despite the fun the gags this book throws out issue after issue, this issue I found incredibly difficult to follow as the plot continued to bounce all over the place, even to points that weren't entirely relevant. However, despite this, the art continued to be top-notch, although it, sadly, wasn't enough to make this issue more enjoyable. Here's hoping the final issue is better.

So, after that knock to my optimism, I moved on to Lazarus #5 and finally I reached the good stuff. Issue five moved into a new arc which not only dealt with the fallout from the last arc as Forever tracked her wayward brother, but also set up the new story as a family of waste were caught up in a violent storm with no help coming. Now, it may sound a bit boring and that may be the truth, however, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark are building such a rich world that even the slow set up issues like these are engrossing as they peel back the layers with such detail. And with the opening panels showing Forever's childhood and the prior revelations that her childhood is what she thinks it is, I'm seriously looking forward to see where this series goes next.

So then, thankfully, after one issue came another, this time in the guise of Daredevil #34 which continued the Man without Fear's battle with the Jester and the Sons of the Serpent after his prior issues holiday to Kentucky. In fact, this issue saw this confrontation not only continue, but conclude and do so in a spectacular fashion that only Daredevil can achieve. This is because, even though almost everyone says Daredevil is great, there is a reason for that; it actually is pretty great. Month after month, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee release a book that, more than any other, I look forward to and would gladly spend my last pennies to pick up. It's a shame that the volume is coming to the end, but once it does it'll just start up again and I, for one, WILL pick it up.

And so, that was it!! That was how 2013 ended; with 6 comics, (almost) each of which turned out to be better than the book I read beforehand (and FF in the middle). Thankfully, the bad ones won't be coming with me into 2014, or won't be lasting long in the new year. However, with the last two titles especially, I am looking forward to what the comic industry is going to give me in the next 12 months.

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