Friday, 17 January 2014

Alex + Ada #3 Review

Alex + Ada #3
Alex + Ada is ending up always being the first book I read on the weeks it is released. Now the main reason for this is that I pick it up digitally, which means I get the book a whole three days earlier than any other title. However, I always read it first because it is just so damn good, with this issue 3 being no exception.

This installment picks up straight after the finish of the last, with Alex's friends discovering Ada's existence. This leads to Alex himself realising that Ada is missing something and he attempts to find some answers as to how he can find it.

I still have absolutely no idea why I love this book so much, because it no where close to what I usually read. However, I think that that difference is the series greatest strength. Instead of fight scenes, car chases and gun battles, Alex + Ada has an abundance of character development and interaction which I actually find to be far more interesting.

Friends, meet robotic girlfriend. Robotic
girlfriend, friends. Awkward moment
Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn continue to write fantastic character evolution and development of main character Alex. What could have been just a dull, generic, single male character, Alex is written fantastically as he appears to be a very compassionate, selfless person. The writing is done in such a way as to avoid the 'sex toy' cliché (a joke which ends up in the story), this is a story about companionship, nothing else and I totally dig it for that reason.

And the art continues to be absolute 'wow' to my eyes. Luna's soft lines and the pale colours are top-notch on every panel, making me think that this entire series will be much more than a project; it'll be a masterpiece. It continues to be that way all through this issue and doesn't even faulter when Alex heads into a virtual forum and the aesthetic turns completely on its head briefly.

Alex crossing the threshold, but
what's on the other side?
I'm tempted to say that I want to hate this title but can't. However, saying that would be a lie. I love Alex + Ada more than any book I've read in a long time, which is fitting given what the story is trying to get across. It is a beautiful love letter to relationships in general which covers important philosophical questions that look set to be more of the focus going forward.

Nonetheless, Alex has started his search to find what Ada's missing, and I for one will be with him to the end to see if he finds it.

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