Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Earth 2 #19 Review

Earth 2 #19
Ok, well, that's Earth 2 read (yes, I'm a little behind at present) and what can I say? In a word, "WOW" springs to mind!!! Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott continue to raise the bar with this title and Earth 2 #19 is no exception.

So, Superman has wiped the floor with the Justice Society (yes, I'm calling them that, it's what they are) and goes about informing the world to bow to Darkseid's will, making piles of rubble out of monuments as he does so. Meanwhile, as Batman continues rescuing the political prisoners from the previous issue, he discovers one more which may well tip the scales of the war in the heroes favour.

Now, this book has been good from the beginning, but what it's been since Tom Taylor took over the writing is nothing short of phenomenal. Taylor has taken the loose plot threads from his predecessors run and moulded both them and the book as a whole into an absolutely epic saga. He also seems to have figured out how to take a large cast of characters and utilize them equally. I mean, yes, Bats and Supes still seem to be at the front (which I still hope won't become standard), but they take a bit of a back seat, as does the initial line of heroes, to allow the likes of Red Arrow and Aquawoman chances to shine, and this I absolutely love.

I think this is the best
panel in the whole issue
Of course, I don't love it anywhere near as much as Nicola Scott's artwork. Now that is of the 'OH MY GOD' quality. Scott's work has been consistently from issue 1, but it really pops in this issue with scenes like Batman confronting the 'alien' (totally didn't see that coming) and, more impressively, the intro of the 'Angel in the Slaughter' (Seriously, WOW!!!).

Fortunately, waiting for another issue won't last long as the second annual is out later this month. However, if DC were to ever consider this book for twice monthly, based on this issue, I'd endorse it. Yep, this series is THAT good!!! However, until that time, I guess I'll have to suffer in wonder as to what happens next.

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