Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Comic Book Addict: NOW!!!

So, if you're reading this (yes, I know someone out there does) you'll notice (here, here, here and, oh, over there) That I've completely gutted my blog.

The truth is that I looked at it and thought, this isn't me!!! I'm a simplistic soul and MY blog looks anything but simple.

So, I've trimmed it back down to the bare essentials. I'll probably bring stuff back as time goes on and make some aesthetic changes. But for now this is it.

Of course, I'm staying here and gonna keep writing the crap I write about the comics I love. I just figured I'd try and put more of myself into my blog and not make it look like every other place I visit. I mean if Marvel and DC can revamp their entire comic lines, then why can't I revamp this place. Therefore, this is my Marvel NOW!!! (It could have been 'my New 52', but this isn't a reboot, which DC blatently did, especially now the word is out that Death of Superman DIDN'T happen. Anyway...).

So, if the sparse look shocks you (though I doubt it'd shock anyone), don't worry, I'm sure you'll get used to it. I mean you got over Superman and Batman without pants right???

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