Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Review: Daredevil #36

So, with a lot of comic books to catch up on, I've decided to start with the best. Based on that decision there was really only one book I could start with as month in and month out Mark Waid and (for the most part) Chris Samnee have delivered the greatest title I've read. Therefore, it stood to reason that Daredevil #36 was definitely the place to start.

Daredevil's final issue
(until next month)
This issue picks up a few hours before where the previous one finished, with Matt and Foggy going through a (somewhat vague) plan of attack before fast forwarding to the moment that Daredevil reveals his identity officially to the world. From there, it becomes a full-on confession as Matt works to unravel his enemies plan while, at the same time, figure out who was responsible for framing his client.

Now, I've gotta admit that this issue felt a lot quieter than pretty much the rest of the series, but that doesn't make it any less impressive a read. I (and pretty much everyone else in the world) have said previously that Waid and Samnee have raised the bar with this book, and their finale keeps that bar high without any sign of dropping.

Waid has written a finale that I think ties up all loose ends from this run beautifully while setting up the next part of the characters life. I believe that the fallout from Daredevil's confession was inspired and could not have been treated as realistically by any other writer. Meanwhile, Samnee finished his tenure on this book the same way he started it: with visuals that make this book both unique and great (because, as great as Waid is, this book wouldn't be such a hit without the art). I especially like the opening pages with Matt and Foggy in the darkness. The atmosphere has such a dark mood to it and the shadows are gorgeous. I'm honestly inclined to believed they saved the best til last with this stuff.

I think, if there is one flaw with this issue, it's that everything that happens is anticlimatic, but that isn't the issue's fault, it's just the fact that previews ruin these things three months in advance (a sad sign of the times I guess). Nonetheless, this issue perfectly rounds off a the most fantastic run of Daredevil I can think of. I'd say a shame it's over, but with the same creative starting over next month with a whole new #1, I'm glad to say that there will be plenty more to come.

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