Friday, 28 February 2014

Review: Deadly Class #1

So, last night, I went back to all my backlog of books. I read some up to date stuff and realised that this week saw the release of Deadly Class #2. Now back when the first issue had been released in January, I remember reading all sorts of praise over the internet from websites, reviewers, my own peers. Everywhere. I was told I was missing out and so, when I picked up everything that was outstanding (which I've written plenty about it you look down) I decided to get a copy of Deadly Class #1 and see if it was as good as everyone says it is.

For those not in the know about this book (which, I don't think there's anyone left, other than me), Deadly Class tells the story of Marcus, a kid living on the streets by his wits after losing his parents and running from his care home. However, Marcus is soon confronted by a group who offer him the chance to study and a special type of school: one that trains the worlds' best assassins.

So, it's a unique premise and it has been highly recommended by almost everything, which should make it fantastic? Unfortunately, despite it's love everywhere, I just simply didn't enjoy it and for the worst reason, I don't actually know why.

Rick Remender is a fantastic writer (Uncanny X-Force is one of my top series) and his work here has been top notch technically. Also, Wes Craig's artwork is really nice, with no fault in any panel that I could see. Between the two of them I can't see any reason to not love this book.

Sadly, I don't and I guess it's simply down to my personal preferences (which I hate basing things on when work is good quality). At the end of the day, after reading the issue I realised the premise just doesn't appeal to me as a title, which I suppose is a better answer that micro-critiquing the work inside or some other stupid reasons.

I was tempted not to write this all down, but I realised that I'm trying to explain to myself more than anyone else why I didn't like this book. It wasn't the creative team or their work here or anything like that, it was simply that Deadly Class wasn't my cup of tea. No I hope to read it again before I make a decision on picking up issue 2 and maybe a re-read will change my opinion, but if it doesn't then it just a sad reminder that you can't please everybody (and there's no accounting for (my) taste I guess).

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