Monday, 17 February 2014

Comic Book Withdrawal Symptoms (or C.B.W.S)!!

Damn, what an awful week!!! I was meant to pick up my outstanding comic book stash this past weekend (about half of my pull list for February) but the weather (and ultimately God I think) put paid to that when the British storms hit my home town for a night, damaging my house and trouncing my car (though I'm grateful that this was as bad as it got, as there are a lot of people having far worse problems due to all this awful weather at present).

Therefore, as a result of spending my time on the phone to insurance agencies to get these things fixed, I was unable to make it to my local comic shop to pick up the stash that I've been waiting on since the beginning of the month.

This was a particularly annoying as I had recently found this article written on about tips to trim down a pull list and was kinda looking forward to putting some of those into effect (well, and reading the comics too).

However, the biggest issue is that, after not getting anything new for over two weeks, I'm starting to get comic book withdrawal. Like any addict, I've been needing to read a new comic book for quite a while and that need to get the new stuff only increases as time goes on. I should grow up really, after all they are only comic books, but I'm still young at heart (if not the rest of me) and I need to know what's going on within these books, specifically the new Marvel #1's and the Think Tank finale (to name but a few).

That said, all being well, this withdrawal only be until Saturday and then I can pick up everything for three weeks (Woohoo!!!). Fortunately, Alex + Ada #4 comes out this week and, as I get that digitally, then that can only mean, if I can't make the LCS for another week, at least I'll pick up one new book (and not having to wait until the weekend to do it).

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