Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Come on DC, give us a way in!!!

I was looking on Comics Alliance earlier and I saw this thing they submit called "Kate or Die", which, if you don't look at Comics Alliance (and you should, because it's funny while being informative about comics), is a strip by an artist which details certain things in a parody like setting (kinda like Gutters, I guess).

Now this one was about how the New 52 was meant to make it easier for people to pick up DC comics but, in the end, it seems to have alienated them. Once I read this I realised it was speaking the truth.

I recently had a comment on a post responding to my claim that Earth 2 is DC's best comic with the suggestion of picking up Swamp Thing and Green Arrow. Well, I decided to look into Green Arrow as it's Jeff Lemire writing it (who everyone tells me is awesome) and there's a tv show at the moment about this character which makes it all the more enticing (yes, I'm flaky that way).

However, here's the thing. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention but I'm having trouble seeing a good jumping on point to this book. At the moment, GA is going through 'the Outsider War' arc which (according to solicits) ties up the threads that Lemire has been dropping since he came on board. How am I supposed to get in on this book? I'm not quite rich enough to start at the beginning (and damned if I'm gonna waste precious time bidding for those prior issues on ebay).

This is also not a isolated thing. It seems to be an affliction felt by almost all DC books.

Now Marvel, I'm loathe to say have the right idea. Daredevil has a new #1 this month and, despite my dislike of new #1's (I've got three of the damn things in my Fantastic Four collection), it is certainly an easier way of getting in on a book. Hence why I'm now picking up She-Hulk with Inhuman and Iron Fist on my list for the near future.

Maybe I'm being picky or unfairly judgemental (both of which are reasonable assumptions) but it would be nice to find more ways into DC books to balance out my pull list. I mean, they have some pretty good characters in their stable (and, thankfully, no Deadpool). So come on DC, give us a way in.

P.S. If anyone can let me know if the current arc of Green Arrow is a good jumping on point for the series then I'm willing to go back a couple of issues.

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