Friday, 7 March 2014

May 2014's Previews (and what comics I want)

So, for a change, I decided to pick up a copy of Previews with which to figure out my comic book pull list for May. Now, normally I use the solicits that Comic Book Resources or Newsarama release, but I always worry that I'm skimming over and missing out on quality titles.

Also this month, I wanted to put into effect some tips on keeping my pull list trim which I had picked up from this article I read, mainly for the reason of keeping those ever annoying costs down (although, in a perfect world, my bills would cost less so more comics could be bought).

So, after a few lunches (like money for comics, time to choose them is at a premium), I think I've finally gotten through the new release of Previews and chosen my pull list for May 2014.

Definite Buys:
Earth 2 #23 (DC Comics) - I've been loving this series and, since Taylor took over, it's only gotten better. I will NEVER drop this book.
Alex + Ada #6 (Image) - Much like the above (only without the Taylor bit). Unless it totally goes about face, I'm with this book until the end.
Dead Body Road #6 (Image) - So far, this series has been real fun. The revenge movie equivalent of comics. Unless #'s 4 and 5 really tank, I'll be getting to the end.
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #5 (Dark Horse) - It tells the further adventures of the Firefly crew, like I even need to consider keeping this one. It's Happening!!!
C.O.W.L. #1 (Image) - It's about a Superhero union. That's so ludicrous that I've just gotta take a look.
Daredevil #3 (Marvel) - Now this should really be 'on the fence' as it hasn't been released yet but as it's still Waid and Samnee on the book I have plenty of faith that it'll still be awesome.
Fantastic Four #4 & 5 (Marvel) - Almost didn't make it as 5 is a super-sized issue (god I hate those) but Robinson and Kirk did great things with #1.
Mass Effect: Foundations #11 (Dark Horse) - Kind of a grandfathered series as it started before I placed new rules on limited series.

On the Fence (meaning, if previous issues can't tempt me it's gone):
Aquaman and the Others #2 (DC Comics)
Secret Origins #2 (DC Comics)
Sinestro #2 (DC Comics)
Inhuman #2 (Marvel)
Iron Fist: Living Weapon #2 (Marvel)
She-Hulk #4 (Marvel) - This is a special case. Normally, if an issue 1 can't grab me enough, it goes. But I'm willing to give Shulkie a little room as I'm still torn on that first issue (and I'm on its fourth read through at present). This could change though.

Honourable Mention:
The New 52: Futures End #1 - 4 get it's own little segment because I can't really afford this (It's like 4 issues a month, that's like £10), but if a lot of the 'fence' books above fall away then the premise is intriguing enough for me to take a look at. That said, maybe it'll be more worth it as a trade (Countdown and Brightest day burned the concept for me).

So, that's everything that I will pick up in May. Sadly, including Futures end, I'm over budget but maybe some of the 'fence' titles just wont be my cup of tea. If that's not the case though then Futures End can go and I won't lose sleep over it.

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