Thursday, 8 May 2014

Alex + Ada #6 brings more of the awesome.

Ahhh, May is here!!! That means a return to my normal comic book reading routine after a bit of a chaotic time during April, compounded by the fact Alex + Ada #6 was released this week, having seen not hair nor hide of the series during the prior month. Given it's 5-6 week absence, along with it being so good, it stands to reason that I read it first this month. So, has it been worth the wait?The answer to that is 'Hell yes it's been worth the wait!!'

This latest issue picks up where is issue 5 left off (well, almost). It's the following morning and Ada awakes to Alex preparing an exploration into aspects of her newly freed sentience. For the title's heroine, the issue is a journey of discovery as to what she likes and dislikes, her wants and desires. However, the one thing she wants is to go outside; something Alex feels they are not quite ready to experience.

Whereas the first five issues focused more on Alex and his need to re-connect, issue 5 obviously is the beginning of an arc that is all about Ada. She is the star of this part, as she attempts to discover herself and gain something that she so apparently pines for; Freedom.

I have enjoyed this book since the first issue, but I never dreamed that it could improve upon the perfection it has already established. Sarah Vaughan and Jonathan Luna totally flip the book over by focusing on the imerging personality of Ada, which is the right thing to do. Have been shown very much as the robot she is in the first arc, to see a kindness an almost child-like curiousity emerge from the character makes her so lovable, as does the heartbreak she emits when told she can't go outside.

And, with these expressions is where the art truly shines. Throughout the issue, Ada expresses subtle moments of sadness and regret due to her now 'socially unwelcome' circumstances, hinting her knowledge that she is not, truly, free. I've said how much I like Luna's art, but these moments are the best and they enhanced what the book is saying to me tenfold. Also, the way the first page mimicked page 1 of issue 1 was breathtaking

In fact, so good is this book that the only flaw I saw is that while it makes sense to have this be Ada's time to shine, Alex feels a little relegated to a more supporting character. That said, I suspect that this is just a case of not enough space in the book to further flesh out his thoughts on what's happening, something I have no doubt will be rectified later.

Despite my love of this book, I'm still astonished by the fact of how truly incredible this issue and series is. I'm already tearing my hair out at the thought of waiting 8 weeks (yes, next month it's released at the end of June, not the beginning) as the final page just has me needing to know what happens next. It's earned its place as my number one book in a month and I just hope I'm not alone in that thinking.

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