Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Comic book catch-up.

Gotta love bank holidays!!! I sure do, as they are three day weekends which can allow me to catch up with everything that I had yet to get round to. On this bank holiday just passed that list included seeing the new Cap movie (which was pretty damn awesome) and, maybe more importantly, reading all the comic books from April which had yet to be picked up from my local comic store, not to mention the new release which saw out the month.

What I got to read breaks down like this:-

Black Science #6, which I've finally caught up on (woo hoo) after starting on the book late. This issue saw two of the characters fight it out as the Pillar counted down to it's next departure. I gotta say that I love this book just down to how it emits the vibe of a 1960's science fiction show (Time tunnel and Land of the Giants if you wanna know which), but the vibe along isn't what keeps me hooked as the story's got a frenzied pace. And the ending to this issue is just so unexpected for a first arc conclusion that I just gotta come back for the next issue.

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #4 was next on the list as Mal and the crew put into effect their plan to save the imprisoned Zoe and kidnap lots more River-esque kids to use as a barter/army with/against the Alliance. However, despite an exciting story, this book is having some trouble keeping me on board. The thing is I'm not sure why, though I suspect it's the unrealistic nature of the story in comparison to the characters histories as this big political/conspiracy story doesn't seem like them; they should be robbing trains and the like. That said, the return of the Operative and my intrigue into how this story ends will have me back.
Mass Effect: Foundation #10, however, may have a tougher time of getting me back based on this issue alone. This installment focused on master thief Kasumi and the story that led to her DLC for Mass Effect 2. However, much like about half of this series so far, the issue just didn't have any hook to reel me in and get invested into an arc for a character who, on my xbox, is actually quite interesting. The art doesn't help matters unfortunately as panels are very inconsistent. Worse still is the ending (or lack of same) which is either down to poor editing or a unmentioned conclusion in the next issue. Well, I hope the latter is the case.

Lazarus #8, fortunately, put my weekend back on course with another terrific issue which continued to simultaneously follow the Barret family journey to Lift as well as Forever's pursuit of terrorists. Thankfully, despite there being a lot of plot threads going on here, not one of them is at all boring or superfluous in respects to the book. Rucka continues to make a beautifully detailed socio-economic world while, at the same time, making Forever much more compelling. If there's one problem I have with this book its the lack of explanation in the bad guys motives, but maybe that will come up in the next issue.

Daredevil #2 was a book I really wanted to say 'wow I enjoyed that" but (as you can guess), I didn't. With this issue seeing the Man without Fear going against a new Kingpin with the reluctant help of super hero/villain the Shroud, I was unable to invest in this book and found it a tad boring. Once again though, I have no idea why I cannot get into this book as the previous volume was absolutely fantastic and this volume has the exact same creative team as the last. I can only surmise that moving away from Hells Kitchen took something away from the character that I found appealing.
Fantastic Four #3 was next up on my list and, much like Daredevil, was an issue which just couldn't keep me invested. The story so the FF deal with the ramifications of the last issue as the Human Torch is powerless. However, besides that item, very little occurred in this issue that was noteworthy (oh, apart from a new Frightful Four at the end). On the plus side, the art is gorgeous and if I were rich I'd keep buying for just that. Sadly, the story just isn't getting to me and as biased for the book as I am, I'd rather be reading something that engrosses me.

Finally, came Secret Origins #1, which I figured I'd give a go. This issue, much like the rest of the series I suspect was a retelling of the origins of various DC characters, on this occasion focusing on Superman, Robin and Supergirl. Up until reading this, I debated if this was just a cheap attempt to make a bit of cash of those wanted answers for DC's missing history in the New 52. However, despite it not being anything at all in helping fill the holes, the book itself was incredibly well written for all three tales with fantastic art. Sadly, given that I already know almost all origins (god bless DC and Marvel encyclopedias), the well written book with great art isn't getting on my pull list. Still a good way to end a binge-read.

And that was that! A bit of a epic reading session which, unfortunately, had just as many duds as great reads. Fortunately, it's helped me make a decision about the last few books I was mulling over and, starting on this months pick ups, I can now be reading a larger percentage of good books from my pull list.

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