Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New comixology app isn't actually that bad.

I'm probably going to earn the evil glare of a million comic book geeks worldwide for saying this but it's true, I don't think the new comixology app is that bad.

Ok, ok, hear me out before you all hit me!!!

This time yesterday I had written a post (which, before you go looking, didn't get published) ranting about the Comixology app and its lack of a store on there. To be fair, this made it a valid rant as Comixology's whole idea of removing the app's store is incredibly dumb, making the whole buying digital comics experience much more complicated and time-consuming than maybe it should be. Now, maybe it's a legitimate change, as an interview with Comic Book Resources states that the change was made to be more in line with Amazon's procedures , however it seems a bit hypocritical given Amazon have an app which you can buy through.

Nonetheless, after having my little rant I realised that as much as I can complain the new setup sucks, I haven't really tried the new purchasing system. Therefore, last night I bought Black Science #5 (which, had the added bonus of allowing me to catch up on that series) through Comixology.co.uk.

Doing this required a little more work but the purchase pretty much happened as follows:
1. Select the book
2. Go to the cart and proceed to checkout (all very Amazon so far)
3. Add a debit/credit card (hopefully this is just a one time thing)
4. Complete order.
5. Return to Comixology app and download

And that was it. So in the end, the whole 'buying a digital comic' thing took me about three minutes, with two of those being about inputting payment details which, I'll confess, is annoying but then I'm sure I would have done the same with the app way back when. So, really, the whole process took me a minute and, although it meant going through safari to buy and then to the app to download, I bought the whole comic through my Ipad.

So, what am I trying to say? Well, I guess what I'm saying is this, yes, Amaxology screwed up by taking away the store and yes, it makes a little bit more work before reading the comic book goodness we all want, but then again the setup that's now in place is certainly not the worst thing in the world and, in fact, doesn't fundamentally change the ease with which to buy off comixology (ok, maybe to start with but it's one time, deal with it).

All I can say is if you read this and were not convinced by the changes we've all had to face because of Comixology's change, I'd say give it a go, you may find that all us fans were actually worrying about nothing (well, until Amazon does something worse I guess).

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