Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bring forth the Book of Life

I received an exciting piece of news in my Twitter feed earlier this week. Jon Lock, the writer and creator of the brilliant (and it is brilliant, as I've mentioned here and here) smash indie series Afterlife inc. who I met at last years' Bristol comic expo, was bringing his heavenly title back to us fans in a new, fancy hardcover omnibus.

The Book of Life by Jon Lock
On Tuesday, April 1st 2014, a kickstarter campaign begins to help in the funding of the printing and distribution for the Book of Life, a 376 page title which not only collects the first three volumes of Afterlife Inc. in full colour pages, but also includes tonnes of special features including covers, art and a never before seen tale. It's a fantastically packaged set and all it needs is your help to become a reality.

For those not in the know (and haven't read what I've previously written), Afterlife inc. tells the story of Jack Fortune, a smooth-talking con-man who, following his untimely death, finds himself in an afterlife in chaos. At that point he decides, with the help of an eclectic team of souls and angels, to take over and run the place like a business.

If you want to hear more about Afterlife Inc. and the Book of Life project, check out this video, which is narrated by Jon Lock himself.

Now, if you haven't gotten onboard with Afterlife Inc. yet then I assure you, now would be a great time to start. It's a fantastic series (As I suspect I've mentioned before) with a premise unlike anything else you can hope to read at present, panels just exploding off their pages and stories that are thrilling and downright enjoyable from start to finish. The Book of Life can bring to you this awesome saga in its entirety and, while it will retail for £40, if you step up and help make its existence a reality, then you can pre-order through Kickstarter for just £35. A nice reward for helping bring this book TO life!

The board meeting is back in session!
Of course, you could get in there REALLY early with your support, in which case you can secure an early-bird price of only £30 for a copy - and that, I think, is a bargain. However, there is only a limited number of copies for this deal so you might want to get in there quick. Be sure to add yourself to their official mailing list for lots of information and to be notified when the kickstarter launches so you can get in there before all others for that great deal.

If you want more info on the series or the creator himself, visit Jon's website at www.jonlock.com.

Trust me when I tell you that this series is a must-read, which makes this campaign a must to fund. It's an incredible series which is one of the top 100 indie books on Comixology  (you can pick up all three volumes here), however this campaign is also a must to support because of the creator. Jon Lock has done what many independent creators wish they could do and has put together three great volumes based on a single exciting and compelling world filled with likeable characters. The Book of Life is a testament to the commitment of great storytelling away from the big publishers and, because of these reasons, it deserves to exist. So, all I can say is show your support and help Jon Lock make this book a reality.

Update: The Kickstarter has begun! If you fancy backing this project (and hopefully, all I've said before has convinced you) click here to reach the page and make you contribution.

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