Sunday, 27 April 2014

July 2014 Solicitations.

Finally!!! They have taken their time, but now Wondercon is over (these big cons always seem to delay solicits. Can't imagine why??) the new solicits are out in full and I get to decide what will make my pull list for July 2014.

Now, I'm kinda looking forward to this month's solicitations as it will be the first time that I am working to my new, lower budget. This, of course makes things slightly tougher in regards to what makes the cut and what doesn't, but (strangely) with the culling of every Marvel book I collect (Yes, in the end I dumped the lot. My decision making still sucks) I've found that the decisions as to what to pick up surprisingly easy.

So, what am I wanting this July? Well, here's my list:-

Low #1 - This makes the list more on a bet than anything else. My mate recommended it and his recommendations have been.... above average (Harvest and Punk Rock Jesus scored. Five Ghosts tanked). If he fails he's 2 for 4, but I'm quietly confident on his behalf as the premise sounds good, although Tocchini's art isn't my favourite (though maybe it'll grow on me).

Spread #1 - Another newbie to the list and, after proving himself to me, Justin Jordan is getting another shot with a book that sounds like a really cool (if overused) concept. With the imagery already in my head looking fantastic, here's hoping the art is THAT good.

Alex + Ada #8 - Ah, Alex + Ada. At this point I'm not sure I need to justify buying this series. Granted, there's two issues between where I am now and issue 8, but unless it tanks horribly, I will still not give this book up.

Black Science #7 - I gotta confess, Black Science is a bit of a dark horse (no, not the publisher). I picked up issue 1 during Comixology's giveaways a couple of months back and now I'm hooked. I've gotten 3 issues in and I'm catching up like crazy, but so far this book has been incredibly engrossing and I think it's worth a place at my table.

Lazarus #10 - I gotta say, when I first gave this title a chance I had no idea it would actually be as good as it is (and good is an understatement by far). Lazarus is a quality title that is grossly underrated. The solicit for this issue sounds like it'll deviate from the series protagonist briefly but don't matter if it's still present with the same terrific skill and style.

Earth 2 #25 - Still (in my opinion) the best series DC put on shelves, the solicits tease of a battle between Supermen which, with Scott's art, will sure be something worth seeing.

Dark Horse-
Mass Effect: Foundations #13 - Though I'm yet to see the Dark Horse solicits, the end is finally here!! I'll be honest and say I've found this series a little hit and miss, but overall it's been ok. But as I've made it to the finale I might as well pick up the final issue.

Honourable Mention
Fantastic Four #7 and Daredevil #5-6  because, as of April 24th (when I wrote this), both series have one last issue left for me to pick up before they get canned. Though the decision has been made, based on its' past efforts, to drop it, if the book somehow pulls off an absolutely brilliant installment in their final issue with me, then it will be allowed a return to the table. However, with my budget practically gone by this point, I have to confess that I don't rate the titles chances too highly.

And that's it. Seven titles (8 if you count the honourable mention) which, if I'm honest, I'm (mostly) very excited about. However, with a couple of months between now and then I'm sure my opinion will change and some of these books will go (and those I've cut will sneak back, I'm fickle that way). I have done it before after all.

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