Thursday, 17 April 2014

Which Marvel books to hit the chopping block?

I have a bit of a full on weekend this coming Easter. First up is a few days away with my beautiful wife to be followed by a few additional days hanging with the in-laws.

It's during this second part that my weekend hits important heights as I need to go through all my current Marvel Now titles and make a decision that may have huge ramifications to my collection going forward: What Marvel books should hit the chopping block and be cut from my pull list.

Now, I often talk about cutting books, but on this occasion it is a little more extreme. Due to financial problems (like my wedding. Damn, those things are expensive!!!) I'm having to cut the funds I give to comics by a staggering 50% (wow). Actually, it's not that much (only £20/$33.67), but it still means cutting away a LOT of books that have now become very ingrained in my monthly ritual of travel to shop, pick up, read.

So, what are the candidates? Well, I've got to read a total of nine issues from 5 titles between now and Tuesday morning (that's 4 and a half days from time of writing) with only 1 to remain. They include:

Fantastic Four #1 & 2 - I have issues going back to 2001 for FF, so I'm a little hopeful that the series stays. Coupled with Leonard Kirk's art this might make it a favourite, but Fraction's run left a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm wondering if now's the time to end my allegiance.

Daredevil #1 & 1.50 - Again, I have a LOT of issues of this series, going back to Brubaker's time. Also Waid and Samnee's last run was incredible, so this might be the favourite. But the first issue didn't wow me and I wonder if the new number 1 took away some of the magic.

She-Hulk #1 - 3 - This is the title most likely to be canned, simply because I continuously am umming and erring over whether it deserves to stay. However, it's got a similar premise to Hawkeye (it's more day to day, less super heroics) that might give it a fighting chance.

Inhuman #1 - Admittedly, only has one issue to prove itself and it did well, but I need to be tough and the artwork alone might not save it, which I still think is its main draw for me.

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 - Ok, I find myself leaning toward this one for no other reason than Iron Fist is awesome. But I need to find more in order to make it worthy of saving and after one read, I'm on the fence about it.

So, I got a lot to read, not much time to read it in and a lot on the line once it's done. I hate making decisions on a general basis and it was tough going up until this point as I had already gone through my DC and Image books and decided they were all good enough to stay (so kudos to them). However, it's hard deciding amongst these five Marvel books, which either means they are equally good or (more worryingly) equally bad. I guess I've got four days to figure that one out, and just hope I've got the discipline to cut those that aren't worth keeping.

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