Monday, 7 April 2014

Review: Inhuman #1

Inhuman #1 came out this week, the first of three brand new issue ones I'll be picking up during the month of April. As I've said previously, Inhuman was a bit of a late entry, which I only picked on account of the fantastic art shown in the previews. However, after the first issue, I've got to admit that it's not just the art that makes me a little tempted to go for number 2.

Inhuman #1
The title picks up from Marvel's Inhumanity event (which I didn't read, though I didn't seem to find that as a problem). With the Inhuman's city of Attilan destroyed, Black Bolt (possibly) dead and a cloud of Terrigen Mists traversing the globe converting ordinary people who have the bits of Inhuman genes into full-on Inhumans. With this going on, Medusa attempts to salvage what's left of her people, but a new villain has arrived on the scene who wishes to claim the new Inhumans for his own.
The way I've described the plot, I think, makes for a pretty great book. Unfortunately, the issue seems to get bogged down at the beginning by exposition which, though necessary (because I doubt I'm the only person who didn't read inhumanity) made it difficult to to get into. That said, once all the necessary is done with, things do pick up and Charles Soule writes a great first issue. Medusa, who has always been a character in someone else's shadow, comes across as a strong character in her own right, while new Inhuman Dante already seems very interesting as he gets to grip with his new predicament. The only sticking point is the villain Lash, who comes across as the Inhuman version of Apocalypse and maybe needs more back story to come off as more compelling.
The new villain, but
what's his deal?
The art, of course, is what brought me to this book and it does not disappoint. Joe Madureira's pencils are truly fantastic from beginning to end, especially in regards to the characters. Then there is Marte Garcia's colours which, being so deep greatly enhance every panel. My favourites throughout the issue though are the shots with Medusa herself, who's signature long hair actually looks like it has a mind of its own whenever it is drawn, not to mention the unbelievably cool shots of her in shadow, which I think make the character way more bad ass.
Being the first of three issue ones that I'm picking up, Inhuman has made a strong argument for me to upgrade to a permanent place on my pull list, although what concerns me is that each issue will take half of its content before it gets good. However, although it'll now have to wait for what Secret Origins and Iron Fist bring to the table, Inhumans #1 has set itself up as a good contender for that coveted pull list spot.

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