Friday, 6 June 2014

Qutting is the hardest part

So, a few weeks back (about eight weeks but who's counting) I made a decision to cut all my Marvel books from my pull list. There were a couple of reasons for this, such as the books no longer speaking to me as they once did as well as the fact that money has become tight and so less books could be afforded. Therefore, all five of the books from the house of ideas that I had on my pull list were cut and that was that. In regards to them, I quit!!!

Well, it seems quitting is more difficult than I had realised.

Since I'd made that decision, all the books have had a minimum of two new issues and some have had far more than that. This shouldn't be either a problem or my concern because, having cut them from my pull list, I no longer follow them or the stories held within. I focus on other things. Well ,unfortunately, the Internet seems to have other ideas as since making this decision all I have read is how great certain titles have been during the issues I've missed.

For instance Iron Fist, of which I have only one issue, has been plastered all over Twitter with folks saying how awesome it is. Now, I'm a big fan of Danny Rand's (It's something to do with our shared love of martial arts I think) and I'm now pondering if I should go back on my cut and catch up. This book isn't the only one.

Then, Fantastic Four (of which I have issues going back twelve years) is also going great guns under James Robinson and Leonard Kirk (according to reviews) and Kirk's art just looks so fantastic (forgive the pun) that I'm thinking it wouldn't be that hard to get the outstanding books (there are two, one of which is extra-sized. So, yes, yes it would).

Finally, there's Daredevil which, although I don't read about as much as the others, when I mention to people that I dropped the book I get looks that equal parts disgust and confusion, like I insulted their mother in a foreign language or something. Also, this is still Mark Waid and Chris Samnee and I know they are good and can deliver (based on the past volume), so I find myself thinking my original concerns were just a blip.


I find myself now considering going back on my earlier decision and picking up the outstanding issues (though for which of these series is another dilemma). In the end, I guess this was somewhat inevitable and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am actually an addict when it comes to comic books. I guess all I can do is stay strong and try and ride out the withdrawal symptoms until I can learn to live without.

Or, you know, I could cave and just be broke. Whichever's easiest.

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