Thursday, 19 June 2014

The September 2014 solicits

The Solicits for September 2014 have all come out this week which means it's back to the monthly pleasure (trust me, looking should NOT be a chore) of picking out the books I'd like to take a look at when the ninth month finally hits. I usually have trouble when going through the solicits as I always try (and fail)to stick to a budget. So, this time I figured I'd try something a little different and simply note everything which I really would buy if money were no object.

So, without further ado, my September list is:

Alex + Ada #9 (Image) - By now this is pretty much a given when I pick from the solicits. I just read issue 7 last night and, once again, OH. MY. GOD!!! To say this book is good is actually a pretty criminal description of how good it is, therefore it gets top pick (even though this list is alphabetical).

Black Science #9 (Image) - It's been a while since I saw a new issue of this one (Image's one downside; non-consistent release), but the first arc was SO good that I'd be crazy to cut this. So unless issues 7 and 8 tank (and I mean severely) then this is also a keeper.

Copperhead #1 (Image) - I'm really looking forward to this. I saw a preview of it while working on a Pipedream entry and the Sheriff Bourne from Firefly vibe seemed so damn addicitve.

Daredevil #8 (Marvel) - I don't know why but I'm haven't overly been digging the new Daredevil run (despite it being identical to the last one). However, Issue 3 made up a lot and showed me sparks of what I previously loved. Therefore, I'm being positive and assuming its gonna be great by this issue.

Earth 2: Futures End #1 (DC) - I'm skeptical about this issue, mainly because I'm hoping to avoid the futures end book greatly. However, it's related to Earth 2 (for which there is no issue) and I can only assume Earth 2: Worlds End springboards from events in here.

Fantastic Four #10 (Marvel) - Much like Daredevil, this book was facing the cut. However, reading the first five issues back to back has reminded me why I love this book and, unless it goes downhill, I'm curious as to where Robinson is taking it all.

Fantastic Four Annual #1 (Marvel) - This is more a purchase of necessity than desire, which annoys me. Would rather spend my money elsewhere but this annual is connected to the main series, therefore I'm buying it, albeit grudgingly (and annoyed they didn't just title it #11).

Lazarus #11 (Image) - This is a gorgeous title that has been rich with information about the future it is set in. This issue sees a big meeting amongst all those in power in this post-apocalytic (sort of) world, which I'm totally eager to see.

Low #3 (Image) - This is still something of a presumptive entry as issue 1 has still not been released. I said previously the reason this title makes the cut and by this issue I want to be optimistic that it'll be good (I mean Remender did well with Black Science).

The Names #1 (DC/Vertigo) - This pick was a little out of left field for me but a story that appears to be equal parts noir mystery and revenge thriller revolving a man 'compelled' to kill himself picqued my interest (which is a little morbid I guess).

Sensation Comics ft. Wonder Woman #2 (DC) - Much like Low above and Spread below (I'll get to that in a moment), Sensation Comics is only here as a presumptive entry. However, I'm eager to pick up a Wonder Woman title (why I don't get the ongoing is a good question) and one written by Gail Simone seems like a good call.

Spread #3 (Image) - My last presumptive entry on this list, but after the greatness of Dead Body Road (It was good!!!!) and how enticing the synopsis is for the first three issues, I'm more confident about this than I am the others to be sticking around on my pull list).

A Voice in the Dark: Get your Gun #1 (Image) - I considered getting the series proper way back when and I didn't. I've regretted it ever since as I keep hearing great things Larime Taylor is doing with this book. The solicits say this is a good jump-on point, so that works for me to make up for past mistakes.

And that is that!!! I've got to admit, with the exception of the Annual (which kind of counts as a continuation of the main FF series), I highly doubt I'm going to be picking up any of the issue 1's as including them takes me WAY over my budget (which I need to be more strcit in enforcing). However, as I'm also going to be more strict with cutting bad books when I have to, it is nice to have back-ups in place for the if and when some start to un-interest me.

Or I get more money. Yeah, more money would work too!!!

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