Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The November 2014 solicits

So, I'm back!!! Well, I'm not quite back as I'm still on my second honeymoon (I get two. How fancy am I??) but as I have a little free time, I decided to take the opportunity to quickly go through the solicitations for November.

This months list, however, is pretty self explanatory so I'm not gonna ramble on with this one and I'm just gonna get on with it.

Alex + Ada #10 (Image)
Batgirl #36 (DC Comics)
Black Science #11 (Image)
Copperhead #3 (Image)
Daredevil #10 (Marvel)
Earth 2 #28 (DC Comics)
Earth 2: Worlds End #5-8 (DC Comics)
Fantastic Four #13 (Marvel)
Lazarus #13 (Image)

Now, I'm maybe being a bit lazy this time around but, in fairness, there seems little point in justifying my choices this month as every single one of them would be continuations from the prior solicits. The reasons for this are both monetary (aren't they always for me) as well as the fact nothing new really shouted out to me.

At the same time pretty much all of the current titles on my list have been (mostly) fantastic, entertaining books (Copperhead and Batgirl are more presumptive than the rest as they are yet to be released) to the extent that none of them I'm really not ready to consider dropping any of them. Especially when there is nothing I have to replace them.

Of course, there is still a fair way away before November hits, so maybe someone will recommend another title to me by then.

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