Saturday, 19 July 2014

The October 2014 Solicits.

Finally!!! Last week saw the solicitations released for October 2014, which (for me) has got to be the most anticipated month for comics yet. As with the September 2014 solicits, I decided to go through and pick pretty much everything which interested me, although on this occasion it seemed a lot more difficult (or maybe it was just easier) than it was previously.

However, let's get started. What I hope to pick up in October is....;

Batgirl #35 (DC Comics) - Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know why this is on my list. A new creative team with what looks to be fantastic art by Babs Tarr along with a really awesome costume concept makes me tempted to dip my toe into DC's bat infested waters with this book.

Black Science #10 (Image) - it's been a while since I read an issue of Black Science (damn staggered release) but the synopsis details the leader Kadir making a mad rescue attempt, which totally makes me want to read not only this issue, but all issue between now and then. I mean, how can Kadir be leader, right?

Daredevil #9 (Marvel) -  Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's run has been an incredibly fun, light-hearted story, so I'm a bit iffy about the 'new, grim chapter' reference in the solicits. However, 2 things. 1. I never underestimate Mark Waid and 2. Previous solicits imply an appearance of the Purple Man, which I'd be down with.

Detective Comics #35 (DC Comics) - I'm not normally a Bat universe fan which, like Deadpool, feels over saturated. However, with a two part story by a guest creative team which feels insulated by the series' current arcs beginning here, I found myself oddly tempted to delve deeper.

Earth 2 #27 (DC Comics) - Despite this issue being the first to not have Nicola Scott on art duties, this issue (I would suspect) ties this main series to the Worlds End event. Earth 2 is certainly up there as my favourite series at present and am interested to see how the new artist and co-writer hit this book I love so much.

Earth 2: Worlds End #1-4 (DC Comics) - IT'S HERE!!!!! The main event of the October solicits I've been waiting on since it's announcement, Worlds End, which looks to focus more on the battles of the Apokolips war, sees the first four issues released and I'm willing to give it a look if it maintains the main series quality.

Fantastic Four #11-#12 (Marvel) - I was willing to write this series off sometime ago but, shockingly, the original sin tie in turned me around. Now, with these issues, Ben Grimm gets into a prison fight, Johnny Storm tries to become the Human Torch and Reed Richards has a fight with Tony Stark. Yeah, I am SO reading these!!!

Lazarus #12 (Image) -  I'm no longer sure if I buy this title for the story or just to learn more about the world Rucka and Lark are building. Either way though with this issue showing more of the families in power working for their own ends, I'll be getting what I want, whichever of those things it may be.

Low #4 (Image) - Despite not yet having the first issue released, Low still remains on my list because the premise just seems so cool. Couple that with the fact Remender is writing, more than beats Tocchini's art (although recent shots of said art have me thinking it maybe perfect for this book).

Sensation Comics ft. Wonder Woman #3 (DC Comics) - At this point, this title is more of a long shot than any of the others in my list due to not reading an issue yet (next month) and my general ignorance of the character. That said, I want to get on board with Wonder Woman in some way and this seems like the best solution (for now).

Worlds Finest #27 (DC Comics) - This series is being retooled as a result of prior story arcs returning the leads to the Earth 2 series, making it more of an anthology series focusing on the Earth 2 Batman/Superman team. I like the Earth 2 universe, I like the Batman/Superman concept and the new Bats/Supes of that world. This seems like a no brainer to me.

And that's my list. Unfortunately, not all will be able to make the final cut (even with a slightly enlarged comic book budget) but, in truth, I really hope I do. This is quite possibly the best list I've put together in a long time, where I'm excited about every title on it. However, I'm realistic that what I want isn't always what I can get.

But as long as I get a copy of Batgirl, I'll be happy!!!

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