Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July's comics - Part 2.

I'm a few weeks late writing this post, but it can't be helped as putting the finishing touches to a wedding (apparently) takes priority over reading comic books. Thankfully, I've (somehow) found time amongst the table decorations and honeymoon packing (as well as an evening watching Guardians of the Galaxy) to get the last of my July comics all read up.

So, without further ado, here we go;

Low #1 - Rick Remender's new sci-fi title with Greg Tocchini on art tells the story of Stel and Johl who live in a society existing at the bottom of the sea as the surface is cooked by the supernova-like sun, a world Stel is working to escape. In this issue however, the two go out to hunt for food with their children, only to find themselves set upon by an enemy intent to conquer their homes. Unfortunately, while there is nothing wrong with the premise, I found this title very difficult to get into (making the second of Remender's three titles to end up this way). This wasn't helped by Tocchini's art, which I always find difficult to follow and didn't have any better luck here. I read it twice and maybe I'm not giving it a fair chance, but issue 2 won't be coming back to my pull list.

Black Science #7 - afterwards though, came Remender's old sci-fi title which saw the anarchist league continue travelling between dimensions following main character Grant's death. Here, Kadir takes charge and mounts a rescue when Rebecca, Shaun and the kids are captured, but all doesn't go to plan, resulting in further losses for the league. Now, even though they are written by the same writer, I found this issue much more engrossing and easier to follow. Remender continues to tell the story at breakneck speeds which combined with Matteo Scalera and Dean White's art, make this, as usual a must read book (although some of the panels seemed a little off this month).

Mass Effect: Foundations #13 - And then was the final Mass Effect issue, finally!!! This saw the culmination of Rasa's storyline as she fought to escape Cerberus with the clone of Commander Shephard, though not if Miranda Lawson has her way. I've gotta admit though, for an ending the issue was very difficult to follow however, much like most prior episodes, this issue did help fill in the gaps and backstories from the games (this one connecting to the Citadel DLC) and I did like it for that. But it's done now after a VERY long release period and that makes me happy.

Daredevil #6 - the final title read of my July comics, this issue saw Daredevil, caught up in the Original Sin event, discover a startling, unwanted truth about his father. This in turn lead Murdock to his mother for details, who he finds has been disproportionately punished for a seemingly minor crime. Now, much like Fantastic Four #6, this issue started bumpy due to its connection to the big Marvel event. However, Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez, along with stellar input by Alvaro Lopez covering on pencils, managed to turn the story around and use the original sin as a springboard into a truly compelling conspiracy story. Once again, a marvel tie in book I actually look forward to the next issue for.

And that's July done. Four more titles to go with the five for earlier in the month (was that truly all?). With that I'm done for a while as I get to go on Honeymoon and all of that. However, (touch wood) when I get back I'll have a big stack of comic books to read.

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