Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Review: Afterlife Inc. - The Everthere

By this point (on the condition that you've been reading what I write for a while) it shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone of my affection towards the series called Afterlife Inc. This series, which helped me open my eyes and be a bit more open-minded towards inpedendently created books, is something I truly enjoy to the fullest extent of that word. I have Volumes one, two, three as well. Heck, I even have the Book of Life!!!!

So it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that I got hold of The Everthere, a new Afterlife Inc. universe set short story brought to us by series creator Jon Lock and Volume 2 artist Will Tempest.

The Everthere is a story which shows a day in the life of the Stooges, three spirits who have shuffled from the mortal coil on toward the Emphyrean, who, in the wake of the remanagement of the Afterlife, creat a niche market as 'finders and seekers' of any items the newly died bring with them to the other side. However, when one man comes to the trio seeking something that just isn't possible to find, Ronan, Mickey and Harnk drown their sorrows together and reflect upon the predicament brought to them.

I've gotta admit, as much as I love the stories these books bring about, this is really something special. The Everthere takes the focus away from the main cast and focuses more on a cast which feels a lot more day to day. Kinda like leaving Star Trek and going to Firefly instead. In fact, Ronan in particular (who should be considered the lead here), feels well rounded to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make more of impact in future stories.

Of course, charactisation isn't the only good point in this short, as Will Tempest utilizes his very etherel art to fantastic degree, especially in a flashback sequence (I assume it is, though in this book anything is possible). The art work really works with the story being told throughout and up until what is (well, I think) a rather sombre end.

When I last spoke with Jon Lock I asked him when we'd get volume 4. This isn't volume four, but it's a beautifully well written placeholder that will give current fans (of which there are numerous) something to keep them at bay, while maybe even enticing a few new ones (hint hint, nudge nudge).

You can pick this story up from Jon Lock's shop for only 99p. So if my words convince you then give it a shot, because this is one of only a few things in life that can be enjoyed for less than £1.

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