Tuesday, 16 September 2014

December 2014 solicitations

So, December solicits came out this week and, for me it was a tough one. The reason for this was simple: when picking out comics I went nuts!!!! By the end of my first draft pick I had 23 issues of 19 different titles, an amount I don't think I've EVER had before. However, cooler heads have prevailed and the budgetier has chipped away and my list is the same as prior months.

The full list is as follows:-

Batgirl #37
Earth 2 #29
Earth 2: Worlds End #9-13
Fantastic Four #14
Daredevil #11
Alex + Ada #11
Copperhead #4
Lazarus #14

Of course, this is for a £30 budget and so circumstances may change, especially as my birthday and a Christmas occur in December, gaining me additional funds (or, at least hope they do). Should this extra cash appear then the above list is not all I hope to pick up, but I also intend to try and pick up the following:-

Secret Six #1 - I missed the last run of this book and have been kicking myself since. Well, it's back, Gail Simone is writing it again. I am not making the same mistake twice.
Constantine #20 - Constantine goes to Earth 2. I love Earth 2. Ergo, I'm buying this book (if I can).
Green Arrow #37 - I've heard terrific things about its Lemire run and, though it's got a new creative team, I'm curious to see if the quality has held.
Swamp Thing #37 - Been hearing rave reviews about the Futures End tie in (which I now hope to buy) and so if it is all that, I'd be interested to see what the series proper is all about.

And so, that is that. The second list is more of a wish list while the first is an absolute certainty, but hopefully I'll find some cash from somewhere so that what is on that second list can jump to the first.

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