Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reviewing a bad comic book

So last week was a little gruelling for me as I was sent a recently released comic book to review (see the full review here) and, as much as I didn't really want to, I ending up giving said book a bad write up.

I've got to admit that I really hated doing this review because I didn't have a good word to say and was very tempted to just go to the editor and say "You know what? I can't do this one. Can you give me another?"

The reason for this is simple; I really dislike saying bad things about comic books!!

Now this isn't because all books I read are fantastic (wouldn't that make life simple?) but because it feels, in some way, that I'm berating the people behind its creation. I mean, who am I to discredit something which a writer, an artist, a colorist, a letterer and an editor have spent at least a month working on? It's not like I have 10 books lining the shelves or anything to show I know what I'm talking about.

That said, when I don't like something (and, god, did I not like this particular book) I am allowed, like everyone else, to voice my opinion. I just worry that it will be read and someone will think 'boy, this guy really doesn't like this person'. For me, it's never about the people who are making the books, it's just about what I'm reading.

Of course, that doesn't change my unease at giving a bad review, but then I guess it will never be that easy, though writing it down helps give my thought on the matter form. I just hope that, going forward, all these creators will just do me a massive favour..... and make their books that I review so incredibly fantastic.

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