Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My favourites of 2014!!

So, just before Christmas, I submitted a review to Pipedream comics for my favourite comic book issue of 2014, Daredevil #10

However, after doing this I started thinking, what other favourites did I have during 2014?

Well, As its New Year's Eve I decided to have a think about it. So, without further adieu, here they are:

Favourite Comic Book Issue: Daredevil #10 (see above)
Runner-Up: Copperhead#1, because I was originally asked to review this book for Pipedream, but it's very Firefly/Serenity ambience got to me and meant I went and bought my own copy anyway. It was THAT good.

Favourite Comic Book Series: Alex + Ada, because it's well written, beautifully drawn, and is the most addictive book I pick up, most likely because it's just so damn beautiful to read as a story.
Runner-Up: Lazarus, because it's fantastic world-building (which I love) and Forever Carlyle is the best damn written character going.

Favourite Comic Book Writer: Greg Rucka, because what is happening in Lazarus, along with the world it inhabits, is a thing of beauty. Rucka bring major social issues to the table and makes them enjoyable.
Runner-Up: Tom Taylor, because Injustice is epicly addictive, but primarily he got on board Earth 2 and hit the ground running to make it an epic story and DC's best at the time.

Favourite Comic Book Artist: Chris Samnee, because his style is still just gorgeous, even after three plus years on Daredevil. But still it's his rendition of the sonar vision that just makes me drop my jaw every single read.
Runner-Up: Nicola Scott, because I said that Tom Taylor made Earth 2 epic, well he couldn't have done it with anyone other than Nicola Scott because she made hat whole cast look like true gods, with not one bad panel.

Favourite Comic Book Inker/Colorist: Dean White, got to be!! White always imbue any work with real mood in my book and he certainly did that with Black Science, enhancing the art there tenfold.
Runner-Up: Santi Arcas, because his colours on Lazarus give the art a very photo-realistic sense about them, while also suiting the series atmosphere perfectly.

And there you have it. This was as many categories I could actually think of, but it's the important ones (I think) and that's all that counts, and giving these favourites reminds myself of what made my comic reading so much fun. Also, after doing this it makes me look forward to what comics 2015 will bring. Oh well, that'll begin tomorrow.

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