Sunday, 8 February 2015

True Believers Comic Festival - Best con of the year!!

So, it's the morning after the day before and a good nights sleep has helped repair the frazzled brain and tired legs of yesterdays travels and now the subsequent buzz is more or less subsided, I thought I quickly recap my thoughts on the first True Believers Comic Festival.

And here's my thought; True Believers is most definitely the best con I've been to, fact!!!

In fairness, this isn't a difficult endeavour as my full con experience can be chalked up to a total of four cons before it, but that's beside the point. Unlike those others, true believers was so well laid out and had so much on offer, I was able to happily able to spend about seven hours just wandering the floor, until finally having to go and wondering how the day had flown by.

For me, the greatness wasn't able what I could buy (though there was a lot) but who I could talk to, which began almost as soon as I got in the door with old friends like Ben from Proud Lion, Jon Lock and Nich Angell from Big Punch Studios and Sam Webster(Joe Cape) and Vince Hunt(Red Mask from Mars) all with tables near the doors. This gave me able opportunity to catch up and talk people's ears off (sorry about that guys).

Then it was off for a tour of the floor and, my god, the talent around was incredible, not to mention vast with so many creators I didn't even get chance to meet them all. Of those I did though, the words to best describe them were both 'nice' and 'talented'. Every single one of them was more than happy to just sit back to chat to me about their work and/or comics in general, which really helped make the day a pleasure. The side effect of this, though, was wanting to buy all their stuff. As I said to Lizzie Boyle at Disconnected Press, 'at least if people are unpleasant, you save money because you don't want to buy their books'.

Sadly, that wasn't the case here with me going over my budget and still not getting everything I wanted. Hopefully, what I missed out on I'll get at future cons, but, for now, what I have got is:

Joe Cape #2 by SJ Webster
Midnight Man by Mo Ali and Andy Bloor
7String Vol. 2 by Nich Angell
Cross by Disconnected Press
CC3 by Rob Burton
Convention by George Joy
Orful comics vol. 5 by Rob Cureton
House Party by Rachael Smith
Blood Tear #1 by Tom Coulter
Far From Faith #1 by Adam-James Foulkes and Lynne Triplett

A fine collection if I do say so myself.

Sadly, I didn't see much else of the con, as I talked so much I missed most of the panels I wanted to see, as well as lost my voice by the end (my wife thanks you all for that). What panel I did see (Big Punch's) was a joy, giving me a lot of information about what's to come for them (which means more money to spend in the future I have no doubt).

By the end of the day, despite my worn out demeanour, I have to say that yesterday was the best comic book experience of my life. With most days testing my resolve as a 'comic book addict', I'm glad to say that True Believers has solidified the reasons why I love comics so much. People who missed out should kick themselves, while I go about reserving my ticket for next year. Of course, that's assuming there is a next year so Stuart Mulrain, please make that happen? Thanks.

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