Thursday, 16 July 2015

The October 2015 solicits!!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, meaning I've not had as much time to think about all the recent comic news as I would have liked. As a result, there hasn't really been much for me to write about here and was pretty certain this week would be another postless week.

So, thank god the solicitations for this October were released online!!!

Now, I've been through the releases over the last few days and I've picked out everything which has taken my fancy (which sadly isn't much). They are:

All-new, All-Different Marvel Point One #1 (Marvel) - I have to confess, since the cancellation of Fantastic Four in April, I've given Marvel titles a wide berth (with the exception of Waid/Samnee's Daredevil run), partly out of spite and partly because I've not found anything worthy of my time. Now, whether this is because their quality has degraded or just a change in my tastes, I figured picking up this taster one shot might help me see some of these new books in a different light.

Black Magick #1 (Image) - A noir story about a cop who is also a witch sounds a little different and interesting, but the premise is not what is drawing me to this title. What has me wanting to pick this up is Greg Rucka (the awesome writer of Lazarus) and Nicola Scott (the terrific artist of Earth 2) bringing it to life. This is a good example of how, sometimes, it's not the plot which entices me but the creative team behind it.

Earth 2: Society #5 (DC) - I'm writing this post about 12 hours after reading issue two and, I've got to admit I'm on the fence. After the first issue I was expecting a return to form for what will soon be the final superhero book in my pull list. However, issue 2 was a bit confusing and off putting and, in truth, I'm only considering returning for Jorge Jimenez's tremendous art. That said, I've dropped books for less, so while I'm willing to give it a bit more of a chance now, November solicits may paint a different picture.

Think Tank #2 (Image) - Now for all I know, this second volume of Think Tank may not live up to the first, which I absolutely loved. Sadly, as I haven't seen the new issue 1 due to solicits being advanced creatures there is no way of knowing yet, but the chance to see David Loren go crazy, as well as the goodwill that first run earned from me, means I'm more than happy to assume I'll be getting issue 2.

So, that's it!! Not much I know, but when very little appeals and the ongoing series I do like skip releasing their new issues for a month, a short list is what you should expect.

Oh well, maybe Novembers solicits will give me more substance (like Joss Whedon's Twist and Mark Millar's Huck).

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