Friday, 18 September 2015

If Terrigen Mists are toxic.....

So, I read this article on Comics Alliance yesterday morning that Marvel are using the Inhumans to kill off the X-Men in a roundabout way of screwing Fox even more over their control of comic book movie rights. However, it wasn't until the walk home yesterday that I realised the fundamental flaw in the plan they had announced.

As per the link, the basic idea that Marvel has dreamed up to propel the X-Men's story forward (which, based on the article, is obvious code for get rid of characters Fox has film rights to so they get no free advertising. Yes, I'm still bitter about FF) is that the Terrigen Mists, those fancy crystals used to make Inhumans Inhuman, are actually toxic to mutants, killing them on contact. Not only that though but, not only do the mists kill mutants, they also make them sterile, meaning no chance of more mutants being born.

Now, this is pretty obvious to me that it is a plot device designed to cause more friction between those two warring film studios (at the expense of a set of characters and, by extension their fans) but I have to admit that it's a smart way of doing it. By using the Inhuman's origin method as the X-Men's extermination method, it subtly implies superiority.

However, it has occurred to me that there is a flaw in this idea, all based on previously established backstory.

This backstory comes in the form of the Son of M storyline from the Decimation event (yes, I was that guy who bought that series). The story there was that Quicksilver, now powerless after M-Day steals Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans to re-power himself and various others, which actually works (in a fashion).

Based on this story, how can Terrigen Mists be toxic to Mutants? Now it could be argued that, after being depowered, those mutants were now simply regular humans and this is true but if that is the case then how did they get repowered unless they were Inhuman descended? If Marvel are going on the presumption that Mutants and Inhumans are fundamentally different then they can't claim that these characters are a bit of both.

Of course, that then brings me to Luna, the part-mutant, part Inhuman daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal who, in the same series, received powers via the mists. Now if the mists were toxic to Mutants then wouldn't Luna have had a toxic reaction to them instead of developing powers?

At the end of the day, these are just thoughts which crawled into my head and while I'm sure the X-Men writers will fully explain the plot when it is released, I just wanted point out the elephant in the room and say that these continuity points were here.

That said, this is comics so who cares about continuity?

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