Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The December 2015 Solicits!!!

So, this post is going to be a fairly short write up as, having looked through the solicits for December at the big four, I wasn't really able to see much which appealed to me.

Therefore, my wants in the run up to Christmas consist of:

Black Magick #3 (Image) - At this point there is very little I can say to endorse my reason for buying this book besides 'it's created by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott'. However, that's all I've got and I have enough faith in such a team to buy the first three issues without fully knowing what's going on (because the solicits doesn't exactly spill the beans).

Black Science #18 (Image) - I'm still two months away from seeing this book return from hiatus and still it has me haunted with questions regarding what happens next. This is no better proven that the mention of 'the last surviving dimensionaut'. So, what happened to the others? Image better stop toying with me and release this book pronto.

Superman: American Alien #2 (DC Comics) - Much like Black Magick, with no issues under my belt, wanting this book is more about faith than actual enjoyment. However, unlike Black Magick, I know what's being sold here and reading about pre-Superman Clark Kent is still as enticing to me now as it was last month and seeing him in early ''Smallville' mode sounds pretty awesome. Also, this issue has Tommy Lee Edwards on art and, based on the variant, that's more than enough to hook me.

Unfollow #2 (Vertigo) - After last month's debate between Huck and Unfollow, I decided against either, feeling the decision was too difficult. Unlike Huck though, Unfollow was less willing to let me go without a fight and so here is issue 2. This second issue sounds like it will take a larger scale form of ten little Indians in that 140 people will have to kill each other or something. In truth, the synopsis doesn't really tell me much about this book, but I find myself following Unfollow nonetheless.

And that's it. Once again, Dark Horse couldn't release anything to take my fancy, like Marvel whose All-New, All-Different banner began with nothing which could make me reverse my views on their titles.

Hopefully, when 2016 arrives they'll be a lot more which entices me to read it.

And, touch wood, I'll have more funds with which to pick up more of these books.

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