Monday, 28 December 2015

Hopes and plans for 2016.

So, as 2016 is here, I feel like I should be planning ahead.

I did this last year with a list of things I want to see, so I thought I'd do it again. The difference this time round is I've split the list in two categories; hopes and plans.

The hopes are what I want to see, the plans are what I want to do (nice and easy that way)

1. Return of the Fantastic Four - Unless a meteor strikes and wipes out 20th Century Fox, I do not see this happening. However, given how much I love this book, I still really, really hope Marvel brings it back. Hell, I'll even write it, I've got some ideas (give me a call Marvel)!!!! But, regardless, this book was what got all your others off the ground, so bring it back, the first family deserve that much respect.

2. Cheaper comics - I know I'm not alone on this one but a few cheaper comics would really help with my ever shrinking pull list. Most books are now $3.99 and, while all creators deserve the money they get, I do wish comics cost a little less so I could buy a few more.

3. A Max Landis inspired/written Superman - I read Action Comics from #1 to 21 of the new 52 as well as Superman #42 and I've kept my ear to what's going on there of late. I have to admit though that I'm not liking what they are doing with him. Therefore I really hope, in 2016, DC move away from Emo Superman and move towards something more like what Max Landis is doing in his Superman American Alien series. Hell, get him to write it, I don't care. All I know is if I wanted to read Batman, I'd read Batman! Oh, on the note......

4. A Renae De Liz written Wonder Woman series - I've just found out that the Legend of Wonder Woman is actually a digital first and have picked up the first chapter, followed by further instalments as its really good. The thing is, while I've not read much Wonder Woman in my time, I've heard about the recent depiction and how the character seems really dark. So, like the Landis/Superman thing, I really hope De Liz can write what I've so far read in Legend as the main series. Now that I'd be willing to buy.

5. Lots more cool indie comics - when I say that I of course mean Chunks 3, 7String vol. 3, After
I've Inc. vol. 4, more Midnight man and more Rachael Smith comics. But of course I mean I really hope I can get hold of loads more great indie books which I've yet to o come across.

1. Re-read some old comic series - late into last year, I had a real desire to read some old comics and after reading Silver Surfer: Requiem I decided to read more of them. So I've thought up several series and these include:
Fantastic Four
Secret Warriors
Justice League Generation Lost
The Activity
The Immortal Iron Fist
Black Panther: Most dangerous man alive
Captain Britain and Mi:13
Young Avengers (all issues from all series)
Point of Impact

2. Finish my top secret writing project - I've been working on something since for a couple of months now and had intended to finish it in time for the birth of my first child. Now, it's not likely to happen in that time (I have until the start of April) but I'd still like to finish in 2016.

3. Sell some comics - I need to make some space and so I need to shift some comics. The problem is I don't know how or to where, I just know I have to. Hopefully a solution will reveal itself during the year, but I hope it's quick as I don't want my kid using comic boxes to prop up the crib.

4. Make a decision on completing my run of the Massive - I keep umming and aching this. I own the first 15 issues of Brian Wood's the Massive and, while I found it very hot and coldin places, I can't seem to bring myself to get rid of it. But a half finished story isn't really a story and so I need to make the decision, but the final 15 issues or not! 

5. Frame some signed comics - this isn't really a major comic plan, but I couldn't think of anything else and so thought I'd use this to round out the five. But I have a load of signed comics at home, sat in a box, which deserve better placement. Hence I should frame them and put them on a wall (along with a Superman wedding special which was a wedding gift).

And that's it. Hopefully all the plans will be carried out in 2016.

As for the hopes, well I won't expect miracles, but always have faith.

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